300 WSM--Need Your Data for Cartridge Guide

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  1. boltman13


    Feb 14, 2009
    These 2 loads were fired in a totally stock Winchester Model 70 using standard bench rest technique. Chronograph was 12 feet from the muzzle. Temperature was mid 70's to low 80's. Altitude was 4,600 feet. All cases are Winchester, with primer pockets trued and flash holes debured. All were with Winchester Mag LR Primers from the same Lot #. Brass was with 2 differ en lots. Case lengths were measured with a Stoney Point Gage from the base to the ogive. Both loads cycle thru my magazine with no problems.

    Bullet: Speer 180 gr flat base Spitzer
    Powder AA 3100: 68.0 gr
    Comparator OAL: 3.25'
    MV: 2,894 fps
    Extreme spread 5 shots: 24.4 fps
    3 shot group @ 100 yds: 0.75-1.02'
    Notes: A good practice load, not full load. AA3100 is not the best powder for a full intensity load but I am getting rid of it by using it for practice. Recoil is about the same as a 30-06 and full throttle 180 gr hunting load.

    Bullet: Barnes 180 gr flat based Triple Shock
    Powder: Aliant Reloder 22 72.0 gr.
    Comparator OAL: 3.25'
    MV: 3,025 fps
    Extreme Spread 5 shots: 16 fps
    3 shot group @ 100 yds: 1.25'
    Notes: My elk hunting load. A large rag horn bull hit at 75 yds went about 50 yards and collapsed dead when I walked to him. That was the bullet doing that. I strongly recommend the Triple Shock if your rifle will shoot it as well as mine will.
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  2. constructor


    Jun 6, 2007
    64.9gr H4350, 155gr Amax loaded to 2.855', Fed match primers, ave 3312fps from a 26' Krieger 13 twist tight bore med Palma custom tight neck chamber and turned necks. Holds 1/2 MOA to 600yds pretty easy with a sporter stock and safe hunting trigger. My above timberline mule deer load. ES are usually single digits
  3. DazzH


    Apr 10, 2008
    Hi all,
    It's been a while but my rifle is ready to pick up from the Gunsmith, so I guess it's time to start looking at load development, the bullet I will be using is the 162gr Amax, brass will be Winchester and I have a stack of Russian primers so will put them to use. I also have a fair amount of VV N160 so would like to start with that. I loaded 5 rounds with 57gr for the test firing, I would think this would be a fairly light load but it was all guess work as I can't find any load data for 7mm WSM using N160,? any suggestions?? would be great! The reamer was supplied by PT&G .315 neck and .095 FB which sits the 162's on the lands with a COAL of 3.020. When neck turning what overall clearance should I aim for, I have read that the 7WSM needs a reasonable amount for best accuracy, any ideas?,This is a hunting rifle which will be used in and around New Zealand bush so a tight neck would not be practical).

    Sako 75 SM action
    26 inch True Flite Barrel #4 contour. 9 Twist SG.


    Per Aspera Ad Astrum
  4. airbornemedic69


    Jan 7, 2009
    300 WSM in a FN SPR action with a Shilen 10 twist CM barrel at 28', HS precision stock, Leupold MK4 M1 8.5X25-50 TMR. No turn chamber. using a clymer reamers.

    Berger 185 grain VLD,0.002in neck tension
    69 grains of Hodgdon 4831sc
    2.905 COAL and .010 in the lands
    Winchester Brass
    Fed 215M primers
    MV 2921 fps average for first 25 shots. ES of 15

    This load shot a 0.562in at 200yards using,,On target software) most of the groups averaged 0.750in, off of sinclair rest. This was also new brass, sorted by weight. I think the groups will get better after fire forming. As far as brass prep, I do the same as my 6BR. I use a redding body die, Wilson Neck die and seater made with the chamber reamer.

    I built this rifle to beat up on some friends in Tenn. who have TRG 42's. I take their lunch money with my 6BR at 600yds, but they have me at 1000yds. We will see if this is true in the coming weeks.

    This is my first use of an FN action. I will say if you can get one they make a great rifle. Stocks can be hard to find for them. The action came from CDNN. They have them in 308 bolt face as well. Hope this helps!


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  5. omahaguy


    Dec 9, 2008
    hey guys I just got my long action standard opened up to a 300 wsm I chose a long action so I can seat the bullet out far and still mag feed it, I have some cci br2, reloader22, win brass, 208gr a-max, I want a little extra room before it touches the lands can someone recommend a reamer, the bullet seated farther out will give me more powder capacity, my other question is can someone recommend a good start load for the 208 since I cant find any, according to a friend of mine on here they are very close to the 210's but I cant find any 210 info with re22 powder, are H4831 or H4350 close enough to Re22 burn rate to swap info?
    I have only heard good things about the cci br2, are they really that much better then say the wlr to justify the extra $20 per 1000?

    Thank you all
    Jerry M.

    after I finally work a good load I will post it for every one...
  6. britz


    Jan 17, 2008
    You can never swap loading information from one powder to the next. R22 isn't the best powder for the wsm imho. R19, R17, H4350, or H 4831 are better powders for this rifle.
  7. Brad87gt


    Dec 9, 2009
    As stated above I am interested in the 208 Amax info as well

    Here is my load for my .300wsm Savage 12FVSS
    Factory 26" 1-10" Varmint barrel with a JP brake
    Choate varmint stock
    6.5-20 X 50 Conquets

    190gr SMK
    64.0 gr of IMR 4350
    CCI BR2
    Win Nickel Brass
    Cheap Hornady dies
    Bullet seated to touch lands
    Never shot it oover a chrono but it shoots amazing here is a pic it will shoot one hole at 100 everytime except the CBS will run high left. This group was at 200 yds off a bipod and a rear bag from a bench. will shoot 1/2"to 5/8" groups at 200 normally

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  8. NDMarksman


    Mar 14, 2010
    Forum Boss, 1st let me say hello to all. I've been shooting \ reloading for long range rifles for almost 30 years . I have a Win. M70(SS) in 300 WSM that I mounted a Lilja 1:10 barrel on cut to 22". I planned to use the rifle for both hunting & target shooting thus the 22" length. The barrel is fluted with a varmint contour and I placed this package on a H-S Precision medalist stock then topped all that with an IOR Valdada 2.5-10 x 42MM that has an MP8 Modified Dot Reticle. After working on loads for several weeks and shooting 20 or so test rounds each outing I did find an excellen accuracy load. The load data is:

    Hornady A-Max 155 Gr.
    Re-22 @ 71.4 gr.
    Norma Brass (Sized to ensure 2.100" OL, Neck sized & de-burred etc.)
    CCI-LR Magnum Primers
    RCBS FL Sizing die
    RCBS Comp. Seating Die
    COAL = 2.910" (approx. .005 off lands)

    I've only proven the accuracy of this load out to 200 yds. but three shot groups @ 200 yds. look like one ragged hole. I'll be taking the next tests out to 500 or even 600 yds. then to 1000 yds. afterward.

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  9. cmillard


    Jan 15, 2009
    has anyone tried any of the slower powders (h-1000, retumbo, etc) in the .300 wsm with the heavier bullets like the 210s? right now i currently have a custom .300 wm with a 30" hart tube with a 9"twist and am shooting 210s and 240 sierras. i am thinking of switching to the .300 wsm after i use up the current .300 wm barrel. i like the short, fat cartridges and like loading on my sinclair arbor press with wilson dies as i do with my 6BR. i want to get away from the belt that is on the .300wm and the fact that .300wm brass is more expensive than .300wsm makes the .300wsm look attractive. now, if only lapua made some brass for this round. was thinking of a 10 or 11 twist tube for the 210s and using norma brass with some of the slower powders.
  10. scout1


    May 31, 2008
    Cole, an 11 or 12 twist would get you there with a 210. I ran H-1000 and Retumbo on QL, and the program shows they wont make enough pressure. IMR 7828 ssc shows 67 grns @ 2915 fps w/ 60800 psi in a 28" barrel, not bad for a 210. YMMV
  11. elkregulator


    Jan 14, 2009
    67 seems high, could you check that? Berger reload data shows 62.5 Max. Thanks
  12. mkg


    Aug 27, 2008
    Rifle: Savage model 12 VLP in a BVSS stock, 26" 1:10 twist factory varmint taper bbl.

    1&2 : 185 Berger VLD
    62.7 grains H4350
    MV = 2995 over an oheler 35P
    Winchester Brass , Full length sized ,trimmed , necks chamfered , primer pockets cleaned
    Winchester large rifle primer
    80 thou. jump

    Shoots .3 moa @ 300 yds further out is up to me

  13. Cameron SS

    Cameron SS

    Oct 28, 2010
    I have a 300 wsm tikka action on a Robertson stock with a 26 inch 1:12 bbl.

    Bullets are 200 Gr Sierra HPBT MK 2230.
    Cases are once fired Winchester factory brass
    Fed 215M primers
    64 Gr of R22 fills the case about 95%
    OAL 2.94" bullets seated right on the lands.

    Bottom of bearing surface is just about flush with bottom of the case neck.
    Rounds are way too long for the mag, but I shoot F Class so the mag is basically just a follower to me anyways.
    Running about 2900 FPS depending on temp, but haven't tested below 50 degrees, or above 90.
    Usually holds a half MOA group out to 600 yds, havent shot 1000 yet. Best so far was 1.1" @ 300.
  14. Oryx


    Jul 1, 2009
    Dear Mr Forum Boss

    When can we expect the 300WSM cartridge guide to appear?


  15. Reddrum


    Jan 29, 2009
    We just got a 300wsm put together a couple weeks ago.

    Rifle Specs:

    Rem700 L/A - trued complete
    BenchMark 3c - 11twist HV contour @ 31"
    Mcmillan A5 heavy fill
    Chambered 300wsm Match body, .340neck, .285freebore

    Load Info:

    Federal Brass necks turned to give loaded neck of .336"
    Flash holes debured

    CCI-BR2 primers

    H-4831 longcut ( 67.0grns. ) Berger 210VLD jammed .012" ( 020" above neck/shoulder junction )
    Gives avg. Velocity of 2865 with an ES of 7fps Groups in the threes at the big end in perfect conditions
  16. Reddrum


    Jan 29, 2009
    The 67.0 charge is on Fired brass -- We use 67.2 on the virgin brass for pretty much the same performance

    Ran his bullet powder combo up to 2940fps but to much verticle dispersion -- really tight verticle at the 2865 speed and easy on the brass to.
  17. coyotehunter


    Feb 15, 2010
    Any one using 208 amax's in their 300wsm? I want to try some and was looking for some load info.
  18. maxpower


    Mar 29, 2009
    Who has compared Norma brass with winchester brass? The Norma brass is not lasting well for me when pushed hard in a 1K BR gun. I was hoping the winny brass would be stronger and if not,then at least cheaper to replace.
  19. RDavies

    RDavies Silver $$ Contributor

    Jun 29, 2006
    I just checked some 300WSM brass. The Norma stuff is 244gns and the Winchester brass 228gns, with 3 gns more water capacity once fire formed.
    I cant comment on strength or concentricity though as I only measured a few cases of each type.
  20. jnyfeler


    May 3, 2006
    I'm a High Power Long Range shooter. I use 58.0 gr. of H4350, CCI BR2 primer, Win. case, and a 220 gr. Sierra bullet soft seated. Rifle is a Remington 40X solid bottom in a Master Class prone stock with a 30" Krieger 1:9" twist bbl. I managed a 199-9X in the Wimbledon Cup at Camp Perry in 2006 including a 100-7X on the first string.

    The excellent metal work was done by Warner Tool Co., and the excellent stock work was done by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks.

    Looking at the Sierra 210 and Berger 210 VLD next.


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