300 WSM--Need Your Data for Cartridge Guide

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    Sep 9, 2009

    We're starting on a new Cartridge Guide--this one for the 300WSM and 7WSM. If you've seen any of our previous Cartridge Guides, you'll know we try to make them the definitive resource on the web for that particular chambering. It's a format that has been very popular with readers--our .308 Guide has received 195,000 pageviews.

    Creating a new Cartridge Guide is a big job--it can easily involve 100+ man-hours of work. So we need your help. Also having proven load data from real shooters benefits everyone who eventually reads the article.

    For the 300WSM guide we need shooter input regarding:

    1. Favorite Accuracy Loads
    2. Favorite Hunting Loads
    ,for #1 & #2 we need powder, charge weight, bullet, primer, brass mfg., velocity, seating depth or OAL, recommended twist, and one or two sentences commenting about the load. Include your barrel type and twist rate if possible.)

    3. Recommended Bullets.
    Because the 300WSM caliber is used both for long-range target use and hunting at all distances, we need to cover a wide selection of bullets. We're especially interested in comparisons among the High-BC match bullets, and learning about the real-world performance of hunting bullets of various weights/construction.

    4. Reloading Tips.
    If you have developed any special loading practices that work real well with the 300WSM or 7mm WSM, let us know. We will also cover the 270WSM necked up to 7mm, as this is used by many long-range shooters. We are very interested in knowing what kind of brass prep you've found to work best, both with Winchester and Norma brass.

    5. Die and Tool Recommendations.
    We've heard some good things about custom dies from Hornady and Warner Tool, and the Lee Collet dies work well for some guys. Let us know your die preferences and what sizing methods work best.

    6. Brass.
    We want to hear your experiences using both Winchester and Norma Brass.

    7. Gun of the Week.
    We're looking for a 300 WSM long-range target rifle to feature.
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  2. chris308


    Jan 22, 2005
    300WSM rem 40x action,34" kreiger barrel 1-10",barrel blocked,shehane heavy tracker stock, used for 1k heavy gun comp.I.B.S. gun weight 40lbs
    210 berger or 210 jlk both seated to touch rifling
    62.0grs vv n160
    65.0grs vv n165
    norma brass,cci br primer
    mid 2800`s fps but this is with a shooting chrony
    VERY easy to load for..with my n165 shot many 5-6" 10 shot groups at 1k with both berger and jlk`s..initial load work up was 64.0 - 68 grs of n165...one hole groups at 200 yards with mild or hot loads...settled on 65.0grs...bolt a little tight at 68.0....shot a few matches at 67.0grs of n165..groups seemed to open up slightly but might be me...dropped back to 65.0grs and groups shrunk...only shot this rifle once at 200 on paper to sight in and work up a n165 load...all other load work up was done shooting 1k ibs matches...dont have any extensive chronograph/load work up data...all done at matches
    rifle chambered with a pt@g reamer...337 neck turned neck to .3355
    redding comp. dies...want to try a small base body die next year...norma brass a little soft,2nd firing extracts kinda tight...am sure this is a sizing issue,me!) after researching this on this site
    at roughly 800-900 rds down the barrel so far throat has moved barely .002
    shot a 5.2" group at 1k with berger 210/63.0grs n160 but could not duplicate..
    shot more 5-6" groups with both jlk and berger with n165 but want to try that n160- berger combo again.
    have tried h4350 at the advice of other wsm shooters but could not get the fps and did not try it at 1k. again this is with a shooting chrony so take it for what its worth.
    am very pleased with this combo...when this barrel goes south,i`ll do another one again for sure..have won many relays with this combo and a few matches as well...i do think in the hands of a better shooter this could do much better...
    hope this is a good start....chris 308
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  3. Steve

    Steve Silver $$ Contributor

    Jan 29, 2007
    great info this is what I am looking for, only other thing I would like to know is what OAL did you settle on and how much headspace?
  4. tillroot1


    Aug 15, 2006
    I shoot a .300 wsm in 1000 yard BR. I use a BAT action, Krieger and now Bartlien 30" 10 twist barrels. I use Norma brass and 210 Bergers, 65.5 grains of H4831sc and CCI br2 primers. My load may vary with the new Bartlein barrels, but I do not expect it to vary much. Velocity is 2850fps and does a good job. Brass life seems equal to or better than the Win brass and quality is better in my opinion.

    Ron Tilley
  5. chris308


    Jan 22, 2005
    Steve,i`l get out my old data as i`ve put the WSM away for the winter....i`ll get you your oal for the berger and jlk`s. I can tell you that my reamer has the jlk and berger 210 cut so the boat tail/bearing surface on both bullets is at the shoulder neck junction...am not sure what you mean by how much headspace..after about the 3rd firing i bump the shoulder back about .002 hope this helps....chris
  6. Steve

    Steve Silver $$ Contributor

    Jan 29, 2007
    thanks Chris.
  7. mattdienes


    Jan 3, 2006
    This works in my rifle:Light Gun
    H4350 61.0gr cc1br-2 Norma Brass 210 Berger or 210SMK- .005 jump, veloicty is 2855 from a 30" Kreiger 1-11". .ES for 5 shots is 2,I have done this back to back,The first 5 shots were a ES of 1.I use a Ohler35 w/4' space.This has won many,many matches at Willaimsport.
    Note: fed 210m worked very well too.
    I'm sure of the reamer specs. contact Springman Rifles for info.

    For my hunting rifle I shoot 60gr of RL15 and a 168 Berger and 210 primer velocity is 3105 from a 24" Shilen.The 168 berger
    hammers deer.

    My heavy guns both use H4350 but vary a little from the LG.Both are using fed210M,210 Bergers.HG#1,The Misfit)use 62.8gr,a little hard on brass) and jumps .010.THIS GUN SHOOTS!!!Ask anybody at Williamsport.
    HG#2-is brand new but intial test show that it wants around 61.0.I haven't shot over a chron. yet but the 4 gv Bartlein 1-11 " should be pretty close to the LG Kreiger.
    All three guns were smithed by Springman Rifles with the same reamer .338 nk.
    I use Forester FL die with the JLC conversion to a bushing die,wilson&Forester Ultra BR seater.I FL size and bump the shoulder after firing.
  8. Tommie

    Tommie Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 12, 2007
    Mr. Moderator,

    You might want to reword the daily bulletin. It reads ",Both the 270 WSM and 300 WSM have a slightly longer neck than the 270 WSM)"
  9. eddybo


    Jun 23, 2007
    I have a remington 700 action trued by Bob Brackney bedded into a mcmillan A5 with a 28 kreiger 1/10 twist chambered by Don Geraci in 300 WSM. True to the benchrest reputations of both smiths who worked on this gun it shoots just like my bench guns.
    I am shooting 168 berger VLDs with a COAL of 2.860 and a slightly compressed load of 74.6gr of VV560 stuffed into win brass and fired off by Fed 215s. ,I cant recall how much jam this is as I only recorded overall length but would guess that they are jammed .010) Velocity is a tad over 3200, but the accuracy is amazing.
    Several 100 yard zeros, a couple of 300 yard .3s several 600 yard groups just a tad over 1 inch,all 3 shot groups) are credited to this gun, most from a bipod. It is easily the ugliest gun I own having been given the krylon treatment by the previous owner,including the NXS 5.5x22x56), but it shoots like a real beauty.
  10. warthog97


    Dec 23, 2007
    Here is my hunting load: A 168gr TSX seated over 71.0 grs of IMR 7828 with CCI Mag primers and Winchester Nickle Plated brass. I seat the bullet at 0.060" off the lands, the OCL runs 3.008", which is a little long for cycling out unspent rounds, but shoots .75 MOA when I do my part. The cycling problem only exists if I'm at the bench and don't want to chase a live round. If I work the bolt like in a hunting situation, it'll toss the unspent rounds with the best of them. The velocities run about 3,000 over my chrony at 10 feet. This velocity works well with my Leupold B&C reticle. I shot a cow elk at 280 yards last year. I used the 300 yard statia and hit both lungs. The TSX fully penetrated after it destroyed both lungs and the elk went about 5 yards before piling up.
    The rifle is Kimber 8400 Montana. When I can get their custom shop to do a little work for me, I want to bevel and open up the ejection port a few thousands, and I'd love some bottom metal installed. I'll take the slight weight gain for another round and simplified loading and unloading.
  11. Elkbane


    Aug 27, 2007
    I just completed load development for two 300WSM sporter weight rifles using 180 gr Accubonds. These are safe in my rifles, but work up carefully in yours.

    Kimber 8400 300WSM, Leupold 4x14 30MM w/ varmint BDC reticle
    Winchester brass, necks cleaned up to 14 thousands nominal, trim to 2.093"
    Fed 210 Primers
    69gr H4831sc
    Nosler 180 gr Accubond seated at 2.86 oal
    Groups,3/100) .5-.6, consistent w/a little vertical

    Savage Sporter,24" large shank barrel, factory)Nikon Buckmasters 6-18x40 w/BDC reticle.
    Federal brass, weight sorted, necks cleaned to 14 thou, 2.093"
    Federal 210 primers
    69.5gr H4831sc
    Nosler 180 gr Accubond, seated 2.867"
    Groups,3/100).3-.5, consistent, almost no vertical,best .154", .257")
    In spite of the thick reticle, this one is shooting great for an inexpensive sporter.

    I have these sighted 1.3" high at 100 yds and they are dead on at 200. Both loads work about the same with the 180gr NBT and shoot to almost the same POI. I set headspace on the Savage to the Kimber's dimensions,tight on a Kimber once-fired case) - reload with the same dies,Forster) set to 1.5 thou shoulder bump. Seems to be working - usually <1.5 thou TIR runout on finished rounds, measured 1/8" in from the composite tip.
  12. DazzH


    Apr 10, 2008
    I am having my Sako 75 300 WSM re-barreled to 7mm WSM and would like to use the Hornady 162 A-Max. The magazine will only allow an overall length of 74mm which will leave almost 9mm of projectile inside the case below the neck/shoulder juntion,,15mm inside the case in total). Can I expect this to cause any problems such as excess pressure.
  13. wildcat284


    Dec 7, 2004

    In my 300 WSM load below, the base of the 180gr Accubond sits 5mm below the bottom of the shoulder. This load shoots extremely well with no signs of excess pressure evident.

    300WSM Hunting Load

    Rifle: Remington 700 CDL, 26 inch fluted barrel

    Load: 67grs W760, 180gr Accubond, Winchester brass, Federal 215 magnum primer.

    Velocity: Average 3030 fps for 3 shots,highest 3037, lowest 3023).

    Group: 0.775.


  14. scout1


    May 31, 2008
    300WSM 28" Kreiger 12 twist. Win brass trimmed to 2.094. WLRM primer. VV N-560 @ 72.5 grns under a 175 Berger VLD. Seated to touch the lands. Velocity is 3190 fps and accuracy is 1/2 MOA or less.
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  15. Chris1547


    Mar 3, 2008
    I have a custom 300 WSM built by Richard Franklin. Its a Model 700 action with a Bartlein 30 inch 1:15 twist barrel with a .337 chamber throated for a 110 VMAX or 125 Nosler. My favorite load is the 110 VMAX pushed by 74.0 grains of N550 and a Federal 215M primer. This thing shoots like a PPC!!! and does a hell of a number on ground hogs.
  16. BountyHunter

    BountyHunter Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 29, 2004
    Just tested with Win brass, RL 17, Fed 215 and the Barnes 168 TTSX,tipped).

    67-69 grains MV started at 3216 and went to 3351.

    ES and SD ranged from 41-3 and 23-1.

    Accuracy was max .75 to a one hole.

    Between 68 and 69 grains it was 10 down to 3 and 6 down to 1.

    I am going to shoot 69.0 gr RL17, F215M, 168TTSX and my MV is 3351 with ES of 3 and SD of 1 for five shot group at .4 inches.

    Used an Oehler 35 with 4 foot spacing of screens.

    Tipped TSX:


  17. Forum Boss

    Forum Boss Administrator

    Sep 9, 2009

    I'm a little confused by the way you expressed the numbers. Are you saying your max ES was 43 and min ES was 3?

    Likewise do you mean your max SD was 23, but it was 1 fps with one load?

    I don't understand the above... Is 10 to 3 the ES range? Are these for 3 rounds, 5 rounds, 10 rounds over the chron?

    Thanks for the data--this seems to confirm trends we've seen with some other calibers that RL17 gets better when you run it right up to max.

    3351 is amazing with a 168-grainer even in the 300 WSM!

    FYI to readers, Hodgdon's fastest listed "max" load for a 168gr SMK in 300 WSM is 3144 fps with Hybrid 100V:

    168 SIE HPBT Hodgdon Hybrid 100V 67.7Cgr 3144fps 61,100 PSI

    The BARNES TSX may be a little faster because of its grooved jacket,less bearing surface) but still, 3351 is a BIG improvement.
  18. BountyHunter

    BountyHunter Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 29, 2004

    Yes, max ES was 46 and max SD was 23 at 67.2 grains RL17, with Win brass and F215M. That was the starting load.

    Best load as ES of 3 with SD of 1.

    at 68.1 it was ES-10 and SD-6 and at 69.0 it was ES-3 and SD-1, which was the final load tested. I do not have my data in front of me, but the 68.4 and 68.7 were sequentially lower each time.

    All five shots over Oehler 35 with 4 ft spacing on the screens.

    Yes, I was amazed too.

  19. Rootshot


    Dec 28, 2005
    My hunting load for a Savage 16 in 300WSM is:
    Winchester 300WSM Brass
    Wolf Russian Large Rifle Primers
    64.0gr Hodgdon H4350
    180gr Barnes Triple Shock
    Bullets seated about .02 off the lands
    Average muzzle velocity is 2975fps

    This light rifle is beating the hell out of me. No fun at all to shoot at targets without a muzzle brake.

  20. rogn

    rogn Silver $$ Contributor

    Dec 30, 2006
    Some data that needs to be viewed with a creful eye. Using WW brass and RE19, the Nosler 180grEtip, and either CCI Br2s or Wolf LRM. A-whopping case full or 69 gr of RE19 and the 180s seated to 2.820 will produce good accuracy with the CCIBR primer. However the Wolf LRM tends to near one hole groups at 100 yd- in aBrownig Abolt. BUT, RE 19 SEEMS TO VARY AN AWFUL LOT WITH DIFFERENT CANASTER LOTS. SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!!! aLSO THIS BATCH OF AMMO WAS LOADED WITH WOLF LRM AND IN THE ABOLT SHOT WELL AT 85* BUT AT 40* MISFIRE RATE WAS ABOUT 40%, MY TRUSTY OLD 700 DIDNT WORRY AT THE LEAST AND HAD "0" MISFIRES. A QUICK TEST IN A SAVAGE M12 GAVE ABOUT THE SAME % OF MISFIRE AS THE ABOLT. THE 700 HAS A BIG HEAVY FIRING PIN AND ALL PRIMER INDENTS ARE SUBSTANTIAL, WHILE THE SAVAGE AND THE BROWNING HAVE FASTER LOCK TIMES AND BITTY LITTLE FIRING PINS. THE PRIMER INDENTS ARE SUBSTANTIALLY SMALLER AND LIGHTER. Other issue with the Etips is the added lenght of the polymer tip and the lower density of the gilding metaal= more bullet in the case. Loads require deeper seating to gain magazine function this cuts down on powder space. Would like to see some data on the newer hybrid or SM tuned canaster powders.

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