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Dec 13, 2018 at 6:44 PM
    1. Minutes and Mils
      Minutes and Mils
    2. rvn1968
      Hi Boss,I need some help, I am 69yo and have been buying all my life.(at least since I got out of the Corps) I now have terminal cancer and I have a wide range of firearms. Any help on how I should list them would be much appreciated.I live in Connecticut,sorry to say.I also had some of the same Problems As IdahoSharpshooter.,so I cannot trace some guns.
    3. RustyRick
      I understand A Paul Minnum ? (I'm sure I butchered that name) is the Forum Boss? I'd like to email Paul. Could you have him email me at Thanks Rick
    4. IdahoSharpshooter
      I paid $75 for a sleeve from Brad Payton in Watauga, WA. I sent it May 1st, he cashed it May 6th, and it has not arrived. His ad and all of our correstpondence via inbox and alerts has also been deleted.
      Can you locate him for me?
    5. 6br shooter
      6br shooter
      I was wondering about starting up my own brass cleaning and prep service for accurate shooter members only. Is this something I can post in the reloading section without getting in trouble? I made a contribution today to become a site contributor. Thanks for everything
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