Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

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  1. AckleymanII

    AckleymanII Silver $$ Contributor

    May 11, 2006
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    243 AI, minimum spec chamber, zero freebore, .269 neck. Barrel is a 28" Hart that is a 1-12 twist. We shot a couple dozen of these in a MHV contour with a muzzle break on dog towns.

    We shot fireforming loads in Rem 7/08 brass of 47g of Win 760 with cci250 primers with a 70g Nosler ballistic tip or 70g TNT at 3750 fps, formed loads as48.0-48.5g of Win 760 at 3850 fps. Accuracy was less than .285 for three shot groups. If you stick a mag primer and up your powder charge to 49.5g, you are over the 4000 f[s with the 70's.

    760 is easy on barrels.

    In a 243 in 700sporters, two loads sing out to the land!!!

    47.0g of H4350 with a win primer in a 70g Nosler

    44.5g of Win 760 with a fed 210 primer with a 70 is extremely accurate.
  2. germanlongbow

    germanlongbow Scott M Bainbridge

    Apr 24, 2011
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    Just finished 243 ackley improved last month. Mike Hartman (Winfield IA) built rifle on remington 700 action krieger 17 hv (1x8 twist) finished at 28 inches with vais brake jewel trigger HS Precision PSO25 in winter camo. Fireforming loads base on Lapua brass, Berger 105 VLD, Federal 210 match primers, and Reloader 22 at 42.6 grains. Loads proved very accurate at consistent sub .3 inch groups. Haven't had chance to chrono at this time (shot chrono while testing 220 swift with 30 grain bergers). Changed powder over to reloader 25 and bumped load up to 46.1 grains. Accuracy tightened to sub .2 inch three shot 100 yard groups. Not bad for less than 50 rounds new chamber.
  3. potatoe


    Jul 4, 2010
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    243 AI .268 neck dia.
    Remington 700
    27" Benchmark barrel, 1:10, 6 groove
    McMillan stock
    Lapua brass

    Fire Forming Loads - All bullets seated on lands/CCI BR-2 primers

    69 gr. Berger
    40.5 gr. Varget

    70 gr. Nosler Bal. Tip
    40.5 gr. Varget

    75 gr. Hornady HP FB
    38.5 gr. Varget

    80 gr. Berger HP varmint
    45 gr. H414

    80 gr Berger
    37.5 gr N140

    *All cases formed very well, but the faster powders seemed to produce the better formed cases.*

    .243 Ackley Loads

    69 gr. Bergers High B.C. varmint
    43 - 45 gr. Varget
    oal: 2.860

    80 gr. Berger varmint
    43-47 gr. H414
    oal: 2.800

    88 gr. Berger High b/c varmint
    42-45 gr. H414
    oal: 2.945 *Shot very well @ 100, but were unstable past 300 yards*

    80 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips
    46 gr H4350
    oal: 2.715
    *My go to load. Great accuracy to 400 yards, .3 average at 100 yards, mean on ground hogs*
  4. normmatzen

    normmatzen Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 6, 2008
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    243 WIN pre-fit Shilen match select barrel
    Savage PTA
    SSS Dog Tracker stock
    NF BR 10x42 scope

    Completely built myself

    Have used H1000 since built to attempt to increase barrel life.

    Barrel is 1 in 8 and I use A-MAX initially with a switch to 107 SMK the last couple years.

    46.0 gr H1000 yields 2918 fps at the muzzle with my 28.6" barrel

    2025 shots down the tube and it still outshoots me!

    Mainly used for 600 yd and 1000 yd BR
  5. bluealtered


    Jul 13, 2009
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    I've become interested in the .243ai and after reading all the posts here on it, i see twists that average between 1:8 and 1:13 for the most part. Is the 1:7 considered to fast or am i just missing something here? I don't know anything about the .243ai, and i am looking at a .243ai with a 1:7 and 20" barrel. Can you share some thoughs on this combo for me and give me a little knowledge base to work from. Thanks, blue.
  6. ppc


    Jun 1, 2009
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    What is your intended application for the 1&7 twist 20" barrel? I like the 1&12twist 20" barrel. I shoot the 85gr Sierra HPBT. That combination makes a great walking varminter/deer rifle. Maybe this helps.

  7. RJinTexas


    Aug 16, 2006
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    bluealtered, If your set on using a 20" barrel you don't need a Ackley chamber. With barrels less then 26" your not going to be able to see much if any advantage over a standard .243 and even with a 243 I recommend a minimum length of 22" and a twist no faster then 1 in 9.

  8. bluealtered


    Jul 13, 2009
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    Thanks, this would be for the most part a 3-600yd bench rifle. Just something for fun, and something i have seen for sale. I have a .243 in 1:9 already and from the replies i guess i should leave it at that. I simply wasn't sure about a twist that fast and your replies have helped me learn something new. Thanks, blue.
  9. PREMOD70


    Sep 9, 2011
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    Back in the day when we had groundhogs to shoot at I used 42.5 to 43.0 grains of IMR 4064 with the then new Nosler 70 grain BT, Winchester brass, Federal primers. It would run 3700fps out of my 26" barrel Winchester Varmiter, .243 of course. Most reloading books max out below the figure I give so start low and proceed at your own risk.
  10. jerrschmitt


    Apr 17, 2008
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    The 8 twist allow you to use the 105 AMAX and 107 SMK. Makes a great 1000 yard prairie dog rifle.
  11. CdnHotshot


    Jul 9, 2005
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    243 ACKLEY

    BERGER 80gr. FB VARMINT pn#24321 lot#3031
    H4350 46.0
    Bullet seated 5 thou.
    Lapua brass, CCI BR-2
    Avg. 3576 fps ES 19.02 SD 9.63

    BAT action, PacNor 1:10 x 26
    No-turn Lapua brass

    46.2 gr. powder produced shiny pressure signs on case heads but load testing produced nice tight horizontal groups without stiff bolt lift. The primers in both, 46.0 and 46.2 gr. loads produced cratered primers. This load is just under the borderline of being "HOT" which was developed in cool summer morning temperatures between +6C. and +12C.
  12. English


    Jan 16, 2009
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    Nesika 243 AI
    270 neck
    25 inch tube
    12 twist
    zero free bore
    80gr Berger varmint
    49.6 Vit 160
    seated to the lands
    average velocity 3700
    shows no pressure signs,brass is bumped 2 thou every firing and also annealed,shoots in the 2/3s at 100 yards and sub 2 inch at 500 yards
  13. cliffy


    Apr 6, 2009
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    Working on two .243 Winchester specific loads: 62 Grain Barnes Varmint Grenade and 100 Grain Speer Grand Slam. Not similar? One is for Wolves and one is for Deer and Hogs. Can a wolfy outrun a 3900 fps express train? Can a deer withstand a 2000 ft/lb impact? I'm not very good with computers, but I shot three times this past week - 16 miles there and same back. Bear with me as I know Ackerman surely will heckle my findings. I give specifics, since I always shoot through a chronograph. Alliant ReLoder 15 and 17 are designed PERFECTLY for the .243 Winchester with DIFFERENT bullets. Alliant ReLoder 10x is TOO fast and ReLoder 19 is TOO slow for .243 Winchester Loads. RL-15 and RL-17 are not interchangeable, since performance will suffer. Since I am continuing with .223 Remington loads currently. cliffy
  14. cliffy


    Apr 6, 2009
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    RL-15 powder at 46.4 grains will drive a 62 grain Barnes VG Bullet at 3900 fps depending upon ambient temperature. The hotter, the faster, so cut powder charge by .02 grain per 10 Fahrenheit degrees increase. My loads are figured at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Factory Loads cannot account for these variances. Handloaders have every advantage from Texas to Alaska. Hopefully wolf hunting will be allowed EVERYWHERE very soon, or we will be in trouble. cliffy
  15. mw0248


    Oct 19, 2011
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    100 gr. Hornady BTSP interlock, WIN brass, CCI 200 primer, 36.2 gr. IMR4064;
    this load is like magic in my Browning X-bolt;

    0.4 - 0.8" groups at 200 yds; shoots better than my old rem. 788 in 22-250;

    much higher BC, and more energy at range; I quit shooting the 80 grainers;
  16. joebino55


    Aug 5, 2011
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    My 243Win load I shoot for F-Class:

    Remington brass
    105 Hornady AMAX
    45.5 gr Vihtavuori N160
    CCI BR2 primers
    seated .010" off the ogive
    Average MV= 3270fps from 26" Krieger gain twist 1-8.75" to 1-8.3"
    Standard deviation=9fps
    Extremes Spread=20fps

    <.4MOA at 100 yards and very accurate out to 1000 yards. This is my F-class gun. Remington 700 S/A
  17. K22


    Jan 24, 2011
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    My favorite 243 loads (Twist 10"):

    80 grain Sierra Blitz - 42.0 grains IMR 4350, Federal 210M primers, Winchester brass, COL 2.675 (great long range varmint load), Best Group (5) .341

    85 grain Sierra BTHP - 40.0 grains IMR 4350, Federal 210M primers, Win brass, COL 2.680 (great all around load), Best Group (5) .421

    90 grain Nosler BT - 40.0 grains IMR 4350, Federal 210M primers, Win brass, COL 2.700 (my favorite load) Best Group (5) .289. Flattened a deer this season with this load.

    100 gain Sierra Pro Hunter - 38.0 grains IMR 4350, Federal 210M primers, Win brass, COL 2.700 (great deer load) Best Group (5) .502
  18. dflippin


    Dec 17, 2011
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    Hello everyone,

    Standard .243
    Rifle: Rem 700 BDL Sporter
    Brass: Lapua
    Bullet: 75 VMAX
    Powder: Superformance
    Charge: 50.5gr
    Vel: 3699fps
    ES: 20
    Group: In the 3's
  19. jbartoshevich


    Feb 16, 2012
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    I am just getting into reloading for .243 caliber and will be shooting a Remington 700 with a shilen 26" bull barrel with a 1 in 10 twist.
    I will be using a 4-28 power preditor scope benchrested for 200 yards.
    I need to know where to start with my loads?
  20. kelbro


    Aug 5, 2007
    Re: Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    New barrel for my Savage

    .243 AI 26" 8 twist Shilen SS Match Varmint contour
    30 fireforming/break-in rounds down the tube
    Rifle: Savage FP10 action
    Brass: WW
    Bullet: HBN'd 107 SMK, .01 off the lands
    Powder: H4831SC
    Charge: 47.2 and 47.5
    Vel: not clocked yet
    ES: UNK
    Group: Both charges in the 3's - 4's @ 100

    Will be working more around that range tomorrow at 200 and possibly varying seating depths but the way this is shooting, I may keep the seating die set as-is.

    Man, Shilen turns out some shooters! My 30 FF loads (37.4-37.5gr IMR4064 under a Sierra 85gr BTHP) went under 1".

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