Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

Discussion in '6PPC, 6-6.5x47, 6XC, 6 Rem, 243' started by Forum Boss, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Forum Boss

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    Sep 9, 2009
    Hey guys, it's time to crank out another Cartridge Guide. These are a big job--requiring many man-hours. But readers sure do like them. The .308 Cartridge Guide has racked up over 19,000 pageviews!

    We hope to release a .243 Cartridge Guide soon.

    You can help by providing 'pet loads'. We need powder weight and brand, bullet weight and type, primer type, brass type, cartridge OAL,or seating depth). It's also very helpful to have chronograph data,fps) and some comment about accuracy.

    In addition, we'd like to hear your reports about preferred powders, primers, and brass. I've shot the Remington, Lapua, and Norma, and the Lapua was my favorite but Norma was pretty good.

    The more input we get from users, the better the article can be--so please consider contributing.


    Mr. Moderator :comp:
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  2. jimm


    Jun 17, 2005
    Where do you want the info sent to , this thread, or to you via email ?
  3. Forum Boss

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    Sep 9, 2009
    Post here or email to

    Either way is fine.
  4. gdragon34


    Nov 22, 2004
    Any idea when it'll be up and running?
  5. jimm


    Jun 17, 2005
    Sako /browning safari grade wood stock pillar bedded and accurized /bbled by GA Precision

    Schneider 26" 7.5 twist 5.5 contour

    41.6 grs H 4350

    107 smk seated 40 thou jump

    Lapua brass

    Fed 210 gm primers

    avg velocity 3036, 10 shots Oehler 35p 10' from muzzle )
    es 20 sd 7

    best 100 yd. 3 shot .182

    best 300 yd. 3 shot .537

    best 700 yd. 3 shot 2.5 "

    This is .243 AI Jim B.
  6. palma


    Feb 28, 2006
    Excellent! This site is a wealth of information.
  7. joesr


    Sep 1, 2005
    Shooting XTC and 243 Win here are the loads:

    Note: All information below is with Kreiger 26" 1-8 twist barrels and is based on over 10 years of shooting.

    107 Sierra

    Short Range: 46.5 H1000, 2875 to 2900 fps, depending on the barrel. Less than 1/2 MOA accuracy.

    Long Range: 48.0 H1000, 3000 fps +/-, depending on the barrel. Less than 1/2 MOA accuracy

    115 DTAC ,Last 2 years)All loads are 1/2 MOA accuracy or better.

    47.0 H1000 2935 fps
    47.5 H1000 2975 fps
    47.5 N170 2960 fps
    44.5 N165 2960 fps,most accurate)

    What is found with the 243 and the 115 is that regardless of the powder, velocities between 2950 and 2970 have been the most accurate.

    Joe H
  8. joesr


    Sep 1, 2005
    Your topic is for 243 and 243 AI loads.

    Given that the 6CM is between the two, do you want loads for it also?

    Joe H
  9. BobLor


    Mar 10, 2005
    Joe, I think that would be a great idea, like you say 6CM falls right between the 243 and 243AI.
  10. chino69


    Oct 6, 2005
    The rifle is a Savage single shot action with a Douglas 1:10 .243 A.I. with .278 neck. The brass is Lapua that has been neck turned just enough to be concentric, flasholes deburred and uniformed, Federal Large Match primers. Brass was fire formed, shot several times, shoulder bumped .001 with Redding type S die and neck sized with .268 bushing.

    1) 70 grn. Nosler Ballistic Tip, 43.4 grn. Varget, vel. =3650 ft/s, accuracy = 1" 5 shot group @200 meters. Bullet .010 into lands.

    2) 80 grn. Berger Varmint Match, 47.3 grn. H4350, vel. = 3550 ft/s, accuracy = .357 5 shot group @200 meters. Bullet .010 into lands.

    3) 87 grn. Hornady V-Max, 44.1 grn. H4831, vel. unknown, accuracy = 9/16" 5 shot group @200 meters. Bullet .010 into lands.

    This barrel has approx. 1500 rds. through it and is still shooting with considerable cracking in throat area and well down the barrel as viewed with bore scope. I'll shoot until it quits and then screw on brand new PacNor Super Match stainless 1:12 .243 A.I. .270 neck dia. or new Douglas 1:10 .243 A.I. .270 neck dia. which I currently have. I'm really anxious to see what the PacNor will deliver.
  11. paulT


    Apr 11, 2006
    Shooting a Blaser Lrs2 in 243 46.6 vit n160 cci bench r, lapua brass 90 molly sceanars, has produced screamers at 100, clovering at 200 if i do my bit, twist is 1 in 10 so to slow for 105 scenars or 115 dtacs, trying to get a barrel made with 1 in 7.5 to shoot in my Blaser Lrs2 but its not looking good for me,doint think the blaser factory are interested so im emailng barrel manufacturers and hopeing that someone might be able to help? paul T, Ireland.
  12. aussie


    Mar 19, 2005
    Remington model 700 VSSF, Tobler 26 inch barrel with 1 in 9 twist . Chambered in .243 AI std. neck .
    Lapua cases, flashholes reamed and deburred, Federal Goldmatch primer .
    46.5 gns Varget, 55gn Nosler BT, 67mm OAL, 4030 FPS
    3 shots 0.25".
    Winchester cases, flashholes reamed and deburred, Federal Goldmatch primer .
    45.5 gns H4350, 80gn Berger match, 68.50mm OAL, 3409 FPS
    5 shots 0.327".
    51.5 gns WXR ,same as RL22), 80gn Nosler BT, 69.40mm OAL, 3481 FPS, 3 shots 0.300" . 4 x 3 shot groups at 0.5 gn increments from 50gns - 51.5gns into 0.6 inches .
  13. tightneck

    tightneck Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 29, 2006
    Just rebarreled my 700 in 243AI 266nk Kreiger after 3 years with a 6br Lilja. Picked up a jug of Accurate Data 86 from PVI,glad I did). First three shots after forming the Lapua brass went into .183 at 100 yds. Next four or five three shotters were in the low to mid twos. This was with CCI 200's and a Berger 88 Gr LD naked. Funny that thing was I was trying to work up the load and it shot this way with 45,46,47,48,49and 50 grs. of powder. Seems the barrel doesnt care what the charge is:).
    Anyway, I put the 49gr. load over my 35P and was getting 3550fps.
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  14. jacquemet


    Feb 1, 2005
    I am using one load in 6 BR and one in .243 W

    - 6 BR load :Lapua cases, moly Lapua Scenar 105gr bullets,rifling is 1 in 8"), CCI BR 4 primers, 31 grains of Vihatvuori N150 ; OAL = 2.230" ; accuracy : less THAN better than 1" at 300 meters.

    - .243 W load : Lapua cases, moly Lapua Scenar 105gr bullets, 35gr of Vihtavuori N150, RWS< 5341 primers ; OAL = 2.815" ; Vo = 880 m/s,2887 fps) ; accuracy : better than 1" at 300 meters.
  15. PhilP


    Jun 14, 2006
    Rifle: Rem M700 action, McMillan M40a-1 stock, Lilja 24-inch varmint contour barrel 1-in 10 twist, Scope 6.5-20 Leupold with Premier Reticles Gen2 mildot.

    Loads:,1) 65-grain Hornady V-Max, 41.0 grains Varget, Winchester brass, Federal Match primers. 5-shots at 100 yds,off sandbags): .530-inches. No chronograph data available.

    ,2) 90-grain Nosler BT, 44.5 grains IMR 4831, Winchester brass, Federal Match primers. Groups about the same as above. No chronograph data available
  16. chr42is


    Dec 8, 2004
    Shooting F class,open, Oz type) Rifle is a Mastin/Barnard F class change barrel.
    6BR 1:8 Trueflite 30" .271"nk,K. Hills)
    Load is 29.7gn.ADI2208,Lapua cases,CCI450,107smk.,2870fps)
    .243AI 1:8 Krieger,.236") 30" .2765"nk,S.Southhall)
    Load is 47.7gn.VV N165,Lapua cases,Fed. GM210M, 105 Scenar.,3100fps)
    FYI The 6BR won the 900yd, and the 1000yd in the lead up to the National Queens, Brisbane, Queensland, Aust.June 06. It shot tighter than 6.5/284, 6.5x57AI, 280AI,et all.
    The .243AI MIGHT have the edge in the wind, but the 6BR holds vertical like nothing else.
  17. sewwhat89


    Sep 15, 2005
    Well, I finally found a load to shoot the 87 gr VMAX in my .243. I shot a ladder this afternoon in some triple-digit heat, and found what I hope to be a gem. For some reason I do not recall, I loaded the following ladder with H4831sc:

    #1 45gr
    #2 45.5gr
    #3 46gr
    #4 46.5gr
    #5 46.5gr
    #6 46.5gr
    #7 47gr
    #8 47.5gr
    #9 48gr

    Lo and behold, shots 4-6 went into about .250" at 100 yards. Now, I will have to load up some more of the 46.5gr loads and a little down and up to find the middle of the sweet-spot. I think it will make the fourth powder I have tried to get to shoot this bullet. Patience paid off, or so it may seem. I forgot the chrono at the house, so I have no idea what kind of velocity I got with the loads.

    .243 WW New Brass
    BR2 primers
    87gr VMAX
    0.005" off lands

    Diamond is 1.25"
  18. chino69


    Oct 6, 2005
    I'm shooting 87 grn. V-Maxes with H4831sc in my .243 A.I. with spectacular results. I will have to post my exact load later, as I am not near my reload data. My barrel is a 1:10 Douglas and I've been able to shoot 5 shot groups at 200 meters that measure 3/8". This load is deadly on groundhogs.
  19. Rustystud

    Rustystud Site $$ Sponsor

    Mar 9, 2006

    I just re-barreled a Remington Model 7 with a 20" Broughton #2 taper, .243, 5C 1:8 barrel.

    I have ordered two boxes of Scirrocos 90 grain bullets and 2 boxes of 85 grain Barnes Tripple Shocks.

    I will do sme bench work and keep you posted.
  20. AckleymanII

    AckleymanII Silver $$ Contributor

    May 11, 2006
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads & Comments

    28" Hart, 12 twist, Max heavy varmint contour, Match minimum spec-zero freebore chamber. Rem 7/08 brass neck turned at 7mm, necked down to 6mm. Joe Wagner muzzle break

    All loads with Waxed bullets: 243AI

    70g Nosler Ballistic Tips
    48.5g Win 760 or AA2700
    bullet jamming the lands .005
    3850 fps-1/4" accuracy

    70g Nosler Ballistic tip'
    49.5g of Win 760
    Win Large Rifle Mag Primer
    bullet jamming .005
    3970 fps
    very tiny groups
    Copper fouling with the 70g NOsler gets excessive after 50 shots when the velocity exceeds 3850 fps

    85g Sierra BTHP
    45.5g 760
    Rem 7/08 brass
    3550 fps-tiny groups, max load for this rifle
    this load copper fouls fast compared to the 70g BT @ 3850!

    60g Sierra HP or 60g Berger
    51.5g of 760
    Rem 7/08 brass
    4150 fps
    very tiny groups-less than 1/4"

    Several of these loads shoot well enough to be shot in a Registered Benchrest Match at 200 & 300 yards as a windy day gun.

    std 243

    60g Sierra's
    46.5-47.5g of Win 760
    fed 210 primer
    3700+ fps

    70g Nosler BT, 70g TNT, etc
    44.5g of Win 760
    Fed 210 primer
    touch the lands

    70g Nosler
    45.0-47.0g of H4350
    Win mag primer
    touch the lands with the bullet OAL

    80g Sierra Blitz BT
    39.5-41.0g of IMR 4064
    Fed 210 primer
    This load is worth building a gun around

    85g Barnes triple shock
    44.5g of R#19
    Win primer'
    Seat bullet 0.050 off the lands

    95g Nosler partition
    43.0g of IMR 4350
    Rem 9 1/2 primer

    100g Hornady BTSP
    42.3g of IMR 4350
    Win primer
    Touch the lands
    VERY accurate

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