Want to Start 22 Bench Rest Shooting

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    Nov 16, 2006
    Go to a match and ask questions. See if anyone has a used rifle for sale. If you get hooked you’ll eventually have a rifle built and probably end up with a one piece rest but right now you don’t know what will work for you. You need to shoot awhile. Just go to a match most everyone there will be willing to help. You can also get in contact with the local match directors and they can help you out immensely. Most people buy a custom built rifle, one piece rest, and flags, then go to a match and find out they are either not able to devote the time to do lot testing or the money. That is the hardest part of rimfire bench rest. The people that do get hooked get hooked hard and test ammo on a constant basis.

    It’s a great shooting sport but it takes the right type of person that loves to test constantly. Many a great shooting rifle have never been realized because the owner hasn’t found the right lot of ammo that will compete in that gun.
  2. linekin

    linekin Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 28, 2015
    The rest will be fine. In the matches in Augusta or the Thursday nights in Boothbay you could use a 1pc. rest if you wanted to. But not in IR50 Sporter/3gun. As mentioned before there are IR50 matches up here as well. Damariscotta has a few left as well as down in NH. These require a 2pc setup
    5 grand is a great budget. As far as a rifle goes thats something you'll need to figure out for yourself i.e. try different one's out. If you're looking for a new rifle there's only 2 choices of custom actions. Diorio Turbo or a Stiller 2500x/Trident. I know there's gonna be a Voodu guy chime in here & they may be a fine action. I just haven't seen or heard of anyone using one in br. Most are using either a Shilen or Muller barrel with a few Benchmarks mixed in as well. They all shoot well.
    There are plenty of used rifles available. Some very good, some maybe not. Best to shoot before you buy & make that decision yourself. Best place to find used equipment is at a larger match, i.e. the Nationals. A ton of stuff for sale there.
    Again, you can shoot any & all of my rifles which are all Turbos or a clone & a Hall, anytime you wish. In Boothbay, or I'll come to Augusta. Your choice. Just pm me & we'll set up a time.

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  3. andrews1958

    andrews1958 Silver $$ Contributor

    Jan 1, 2010
    Forgot . I have a March 10x60 scope siting in my safe so that is one less thing I need to buy.
  4. TAJ45

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    May 12, 2007
    Good on ya Keith. That is the kind of support and offer to shepherd that a newbie to a discipline needs!
    Heck, I almost wish I was a Maniac just to Pal around with ya. :)
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  5. JMayo


    Nov 28, 2014
    Call Killoughs. Paul will know of good shooting unlimited rifles out there for sale. If that's what you want.
    My XIII, shillen barrel, weaver t36, McMillan stock is a great shooter.
    Used 2500.oo (heavy unlimited)

    In ir50 there are weight restrictions. Idk about all that.

    Go to any match and ask "Hey any rifles for sale here?"
    and you'll get to shoot them before you buy.

    Rebarrel a good action and it's like a brand new gun.
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  6. Medic505

    Medic505 Dean Wheeler Gold $$ Contributor

    Jul 21, 2010
    What's the come up for a 22 @ 1056 yards Otis?
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  7. BP1

    BP1 Team Texas F-TR Silver $$ Contributor

    Nov 8, 2015
    A chit load.
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  8. JayHHI6818


    Nov 8, 2006
    Monday nights guys shoot 50 yd rimfire matches and about a month ago I went to watch. Guy insisted I shoot a match with his Stiller 2500 rifle.

    First target I shot a 243 8X’s and settle down and watched the wind flags for second target and shot a 249 15X’s. My 492 23x’s was good for second place in Unlimited class. It is fun!
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  9. garandman

    garandman Bolt Gun Bodacious Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 17, 2016
    There is no substitute for testing specific ammos if your rifle.

    Bare minimum for testing ammos is 6 groups of 5 shots each. Then repeat that.

    Be sure to look at Vudoo.
  10. Urv

    Urv Silver $$ Contributor

    Feb 23, 2014
    This winter get a book by Bill Calfee rimfire accuracuy read and read it again you will have most of the information you need except trigger time Good Luck
  11. Scalloper


    Mar 17, 2012
    I too am from Maine,Downeast. I would very much like to get more information on events within the state. I could see where it would be very interesting.
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  12. linekin

    linekin Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 28, 2015
    I would be happy to help in any way I can. Below are the schedules for IR50 & ARA thats left this season in ME.
    The most important thing is get to a match & bring whatever you have to shoot or contact the match director & see if you could borrow some equipment. I have extra rifles to use for instance. Welcome to shoot them anytime.
    Please come join us & bring a friend!

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