Need some help casting several inchs of rifle bore

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    You asked for outside the box so.... My guess is it is locking mechanically. You might try to make a tool that could be suspended in the chamber while the cast is made,the other end would extend outside the back of the action. Use this end to unscrew the casting.. When the casting is ready to remove this would allow you to turn the casting from the back while tapping out from the muzzle.
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    I was at an all day business meeting yesterday so I didn't have a keyboard and never elaborate on my phone.

    Casting several inches of a bore and then pushing it out is impossible to get meaningful results. Even if you do push it out, the bore is not tapered and so any raised areas will smear as they slide out. Any raised areas on the barrel will gouge the casting. you'll be basicly make a lapping plug.

    Your only option is to do it horizontal as I suggested. This won't be measurable. If you are looking for a measurement, you're out of luck. but if you are looking for a visual representation, you can do it 1/2 or 1/3 at a time.

    The cerrosafe will cool rapidly in contact with the chamber so to get it to run into the bore you may have to heat up the end of the barrel to 130 to 140 degrees--as hot as you can stand to touch it, and that will let it solidify slowly.

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    I just did a cast about 3” with no problem

    Cerrosafe will shrink in first few minutes and then expand. I will oil the chamber up real wellwith go old rem oil. Four patches soaked completely with oil and pushed down bore with small wood dowel. Pour and wait 3 minutes and lightly tap out from muzzle. The oil sizzles a bit when pouring. But every time I’ve done this all that is required is a very light tap from muzzle to let go of surface tension.

    Clean you bore first!!

    Is you bore clean?
    Do you have a nice carbon ring that is grabbing a hold of it?
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