30-28 Nosler continued

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  1. Ledd Slinger

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Nice photo. Great visual comparison of all the popular big 30 cal magnums :)

    I personally enjoy the 300 Norma Improved. When improved, it pushes the case capacity up to around 110gr H2O and still has the shortest case length of all the big 30's. Allows for better magazine feeding when seating big 215-230gr bullets to the lands and staying out of the donut area of the neck. Downside of course is that you are limited to actions with a Lapua bolt face.

    Picture of a 28 Nosler case beside my 300 Norma Improved and water weight capacity measured on one of my scales. Peterson brass in 300 NMI capacity is 110.2gr. I have Lapua 300 Norma cases on hand, but have not fire-formed any of them yet to check the overall H2O capacity.


    Empty fire-formed 300 Norma Improved Peterson brass case with fired primer installed. Primer filled with one small drop of water, case body empty. 311. 6gr


    Same Peterson 300 Norma Improved case filled with water dead even with top of the neck. 421.8gr
    Total H2O capacity: 110.2gr.

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  2. CBlack


    Nov 22, 2012
    @rpierce is building one for me.

    Can someone summarize the benefits of this over a straight 30 Nosler? Trying to get my brother in law to build one. He's thinking 300PRC.

    I'm a steel hunter but he's a fur hunter
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    Feb 10, 2012
    So far the difference I've seen between the two is you dont have to run the 30-28 as hard to get the 3100 node with the 215.
    Accuracy wise I think there pretty equall.
    I havent got my 30-28 done yet, I gotta get a break on it after almost a 100 rounds I cant take it anymore without one.
    I'm close gotta do a little tweaking after the brakes on.
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