22-250w/ 1-14 twist to 22 br?

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  1. Gollum


    Apr 22, 2005
    I'm getting into benchrest, and starting to think about get more serious into the sport. Funds, of course, are limited.

    I presently have a Savage Model 12, with a 25" 1-14 twist Pac-nor barrel, chambered in 22-250 Rem.,cylinder contour).

    For 200 yard Benchrest,5 bulls, 1/2 moa bull, 1 shot each), will I notice much difference between a 22-250 and a 22BR?

    In other words, would it be worth the $100 to rechamber my 1-14 barrel,plus another the $200 in brass and dies) to 22BR?

    What would be the ideal barrel twist and bullet weight for this type of benchrest competition with a 22 cal?

    Who knows, maybe I'll just save up for a year and buy a 6mmBR Barrel!

    ,I read the 22 faq, and tried the search function, and didn't find a lot of info in what I'm looking for. If you know of any similar threads, I would be glad to know.)

  2. Forum Boss

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    Sep 9, 2009
    With that Pac-Nor barrel you've probably got a pretty good shooter. There would be some advantage in efficiency going to a 22BR, and maybe a slight gain in accuracy But, we wouldn't make the change until you've shot that barrel out.

    For 200-yard Score BR competition, we'd recommend the 30BR. It will give you the best accuracy and a bit of an advantage through the larger bullet diameter. Also outstanding barrel life. Anything from 22-26" in barrel length seems to work, but you want to use the Short-throated reamer to shoot the 118-125 Robinette or Knight bullets.

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