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    BOLTED Silver $$ Contributor

    Sep 3, 2014
    Went to get a couple money orders today, and before they would sell them to me, I had to state what I planned to purchase with them. She could tell that I was wondering why she asked that, and told me she has to ask, to be sure that I wasn't using the funds to purchase anything I shouldn't be. Since the money was for a scope, I said without thinking, "for a rifle scope". Ooops... Then came the funny looks and personal opinion that that was a lot of money for a scope ($1,400). Yes and no, scopes are anywhere between $150-4,000 I explained, depending on the brand, quality, features and magnification.

    She still wasn't printing out the money order... Her- "what are you going to use it for?"
    Me- "Target practice." Her- "what kind of targets?" Me - "Paper" Her- "you are buying a $1,400 scope to shoot paper?" Me-"Yes" Her- "Where are you buying this from?" Me- "private individual." Her- "If we think you are going to use this to do something illegal, we can't sell it to you" Me- Rifle scopes are not illegal to buy, and neither is shooting paper." This went on and on and on, even to the point of her wanting to know if I was "some kind of a sniper"!!

    I actually think she may not have sold me the money order, if there wasn't 10 people in line behind me giving her a slew of disapproving looks. How sad, no one trusts anyone anymore.

    This new USPS criminal task force is as ridiculous as US Bank requiring your Drivers License, current employment information, and the answer to the question of where the money came from when depositing over $499 in cash into your own account. Why? So they can red flag and track any accounts that are getting too much money put into them from unknown sources and report them. The bank police.

    Geez! I'm getting tired of every place I go, everything I do, see, and search getting logged, tracked, flagged and reported. Talk about making you feel accused and questionable. I'm not doing anything wrong, so I'm not worried about it, but it sure does feel like a few bad apples are spoiling it for the rest of us, as well as giving everyone and their dog an unlimited excuse to spy on me and my stuff. Rude.

    I do like all the cool things we have right now, but they sure come at a high price. I grew up in the 70's and 80's, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. In fact, I'm totally ready to go back to muscle cars, security cameras mostly only in James Bond movies, keggers on the mountain, Penthouse magazine for.. the articles, phones connected to walls, only 4 clear and two fuzzy channels on the T.V and small towns where people wave as they go by because it's nice to be friendly to folks you don't even know. The good 'ol days.

    I gotta find me a Delorian...

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  2. Rustytigwire


    Mar 20, 2017
    I thought about money orders.
    Please give the govt your handwriting sample. Every money order. They have mine.
    I sent cash my last 3 car parts purchases.
    Not in the mail.
    Passenger pigeon.
  3. Willie

    Willie Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 3, 2017
    You should always say " A telescope for watching the stars, just love it".

    I learned that one shipping gun parts.
  4. F Class John

    F Class John NRA Life Member Gold $$ Contributor

    Sep 1, 2018
    That’s a good one and ‘birdwatching’ is another good one. I’ve been asked as if to qualify me somehow and I always say I’m infatuated with the mating habits of the yellow bellied sap sucker.
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  5. SEM

    SEM Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 18, 2014
    WTF.... the only way to stop this crap, well guess I shouldn't say

    oh alright I will say it.... VOTE FOR TRUMP and then STAND BY YOUR VOTE
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  6. Shawnba67


    Aug 22, 2016
    Red Headed Flicker is an actual bird! Invite them to google it!
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  7. joshb

    joshb Gold $$ Contributor

    Oct 5, 2014
    I’m surprised you get that kind of treatment in Idaho. I had heard good things.
    Come on down to Texas. People wave, say “Good morning” on the street and hold doors for the ladies.
    The latest gun conversation I had was with my dental hygenist. She found out I was a shooter and asked for advice on a new six gun while she was cleaning my teeth!:eek:

    Added comment: Don’t forget they’re pushing the “See something, say something” ads on TV. The old spinster probably thinks she’s on the front lines of the War on terror?
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  8. rebel

    rebel Gold $$ Contributor

    May 29, 2016
    Man, my initial reaction would have been F.O Nazi and gone to another P.O. But in the world we live in that probably wouldn't have gone over well........ Never stops me from saying it though.
    Never had that problem down here. Maybe someone taking the job a bit to seriously? Still, that is/was none of her damn business.
  9. INTJ

    INTJ Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 10, 2018
    I used to ship rifles and components from a small post office in Southern Oregon. This was as recent as three years ago. The clerk at the counter told me they were not allowed to make any determination on the legality of what you were shipping. All they could do was ask if it was "liquid, hazardous, or perishable."

    I hope @BOLTED just ran into an ignorant USPS employee.
  10. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man

    Oct 21, 2014
    I'm purchasing a scope to look at the stars. In fact, I can see Uranus from my back yard. :cool:
  11. jonbearman

    jonbearman I live in new york state,how unfortunate ! Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 3, 2010
    Next time ask for her supervisor and then call the postal inspectors so they can call that idiot to straighten her out on laws of privacy. I had a Postal inspector call me because I shipped bullets , like 500 of them and she said it set off their explosives monitor. She told me if there were explosives in the box I would be arrested , so I had to sweat for 2 days till I called the jerk back and she said oh, we resealed it and sent it on its way. She would have left me sweating because she chose to just do nothing which is common today. You are not the only one who has been hassled by people who just get off on power.
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  12. MClark


    Mar 4, 2012
    The UPS facilities where we ship from the guy there works at the gun shows for a scope dealer. He may ask if it's something interesting.

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  13. BOLTED

    BOLTED Silver $$ Contributor

    Sep 3, 2014
    We are pretty laid back here in Idaho, but times are changing. The funny thing is that they even ask. Why ask if anyone could say anything? As if I would say " Damn, you got me. It's for a couple of mail order brides two bags of dope and a NOS uranium powered device from a cold war generals coat closet. I got a great deal on whole package! Take me away I guess."

    Silly stuff. "Anything perishable, or that contains a Lithium Ion battery?" "Did you let a stranger take your bag for a 1/2 hour while you were waiting at the airport, and then give it back to you with a strange smell and a bulge in the side?" "Are you fibbing?" Cause everyone sending things they shouldn't will always fess up if you just ask...

    I will be more prepared next time, $1,400 can purchase many, many fun things to tell my local USPS worker about. Can't wait! I will not be rude, sarcastic or condescending, but I will definitely have fun with it. Maybe it will make her day. :)
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  14. quest450

    quest450 Gold $$ Contributor

    Dec 26, 2016
    I live in Florida and my CCW permit is up for renewal by the middle of July, I applied online on 5/1 and received it on 5/14......shocked :confused:

    Nikki Fried is known anti 2nd Amendment Commissioner of agriculture
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  15. BP1

    BP1 Team Texas F-TR Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 8, 2015
    Should have told her you were starting a new school and was going to teach mind your own business courses.
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  16. bobinpa

    bobinpa Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 3, 2007
    I would have had a REAL hard time keeping my composure with those questions. After the 2nd or 3rd one I would have probably said it was none of her business and asked for her superior.
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  17. Hi-NV Shooter

    Hi-NV Shooter

    May 8, 2017
    Wow, I got the opposite from my PO. I did a trade for a rifle and the guy shipped it USPS after much head-ach trying to convince his PO it was legal he got it mailed.
    well because of the restrictions here, and it being a registered mail, signature needed. they made one attempt and then left it in limbo fro 10-days at the PO. I finally filed a service ticket with USPS and they emailed the station manager explaining the situation, they were also informed what the box contained(fire-arm)
    well the silly station manager calls me and tells me to come get the box, I explained I don't think I can as it was to be sent to a FFL as it is a fire-arm. she says yes I know, but you still can pick it up since you filed the service ticket. I ended up picking it up and taking it to my FFL to do the transfer!
    and they gave you grief for getting a MO, no wonder Trump won't give them funding they have no clue!

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  18. jwink


    Jul 9, 2013
    Banks are just as bad, 2 years ago I went to the bank to withdraw 3 grand of my own money to purchase a sweet Eddyline kayak. The girl says "what are you using this money for?" I said "why do you need to know, I'm not even telling my wife, it's my money, I'm spending it." She came back with "We have to ask you in case it's for illegal purposes". I laughed at her and said, "Well in that case, I'm going to take it down to Kandy's (our local gentleman's club) and help support a bunch of single mothers". She smiled and handed me the money.
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  19. Ranger188

    Ranger188 Silver $$ Contributor

    Sep 1, 2019
    That's funny, yesterday I shipped some bullets that I sold here. By the time I got home, the regional
    USPS office called my wife's cell (I used her C.C.) WTF. What access do they have to our personal info.
    They said the clerk thought it sounded like ammunition. I explained what it was and he seemed OK
    I had something else to ship, so I went back and told the clerk what it was and showed her.
    Did they go thru some 5 min video training on what to listen for. Assholes :mad:
  20. Bill K

    Bill K Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 16, 2011
    Seems like more and more business's are grooming themselves for the new order and socialism/communism like so many politicians and state officials want to see in the USA.
    They sure have not learned anything from the likes of Venezuela and others and what happened with them, when they did this.

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