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Discussion in 'Main Message Board' started by Phil3, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Phil3


    Sep 30, 2008
    I am constructing a rifle for non-competition shooting off a bench, switching between a bipod/soft rear bag and mechanical front rest/heavy rabbit ear bag. I might also try prone with either set-up, but if prone and bench cannot be satisfied well, then bench only.

    I am having a hard time figuring out what is truly a good fit for my body. I would like to know what to look for in a good fit, detecting what might be wrong, and how best to correct. I am not entirely satisfied with the fit of any of my rifles, but do not know exactly what is not right, or why. What approach do you use to ensure you are a good fit to your rifle? I read somewhere here that settling in behind your rifle with eyes closed and then opening them to a perfect sight picture and a relaxed body is one way. For LOP found this, but have not tried it. See below.

    I am wondering if I should opt for a stock (or chassis) that offers full adjustments to the stock vs one that has a cheek rest height adjustment only. Consider all that is available (and there may be more).

    1) Check Rest height.
    2) Check Rest lateral offset (left and right).
    3) Check rest tilt (nose down or up).
    4) Cheek Rest fore and aft adjustment independent of LOP.
    5) Butt Pad height.
    6) Butt Pad tilt.
    7) Butt Pad lateral offset (left and right).
    8) Butt Stock LOP.

    Like a car seat with a gazillion adjustments, lots of wrong adjustments, but probably only one best set of adjustments.


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