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Discussion in 'Main Message Board' started by ericskennard, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. ericskennard


    Sep 24, 2005
    What is the word on Robertson Composites? I can't seem to get them by phone.

    Does anyone know if they are closed?

    Are they sold to someone else?

    Do they still make stocks?

    Are they gone but not forgotten?

  2. potatoe

    potatoe Silver $$ Contributor

    Jul 4, 2010
    Their doors are closed. I've heard that someone in the midwest bought the molds but thats still a rumor.
  3. LRCampos


    Apr 16, 2006

    Unfortunately, I think Robertson has closed his doors.

    But, at the same time I heard that three shooters (from Canada em US) bought the business and are planning to reopen again.

    My F-Class rifle has a Robertson GBF stock and I love it. In fact, all the first places in F-Class OPEN in my country has this same stock.

    Hope to see you Mr. Kennard in october.

  4. stewie333


    Sep 3, 2006
    Robertson Composites has been sold to an American buyer based out of (I belive) Montana. I know that they are closed, because I got laid off from them that day. :(


  5. Jim See

    Jim See

    Mar 23, 2010
    from what I heard about the new owner, they are not very interested in producing any number of stocks.

    One of Robertson's previous' big customers called the new owner and got blown off.
  6. chuckw2


    Jan 21, 2005
    Damn that's a shame, they made a great product and were great to deal with.
  7. coreydelong


    Feb 28, 2012
    Talked to my builder the other day on my build and about another glass stock..... he said forget it- the Robertsons deal is dead and they stole his molds as well.
  8. Jefferson


    Nov 7, 2007
    well, well, well now, rumours abound eh!

    As you can tell I would be from Canada and I am the J in JTR (the BR stock sold in 14 countries around the world by Robertson composites Inc until they went BANKRUPT)

    Mr. cory de long fellow (akin to a famous writer no doubt) please tell us 1. how the deal is dead and what does that mean. and 2. whose moulds did who steal and whose should they have been, it looks a little like defamation here and you internet cowboys need to fess up when you state items that are non-factual, please let the world know how they were stolen

    Jim See ( I see that you do not seem to be very bright at all) as

    First let me ask, from whom did you hear this about the new owner not being very interested in producing any number of stocks, (statement sems odd for it you by a bankrupt business for its assest do you just park them in a room and look at them once in a while???)

    Second who is this previous BIG CUSTOMER that you speak of, it would be of interest to all to know of what you speak about, and what is your definition of BEING BLOWN OFF (as opposed to just being blown)

    Mr. SEE if you are truly in business you should not speak as you have, with inuendos (sp) and accusations that are indeed groundless, please fess up or your rifle sales may suffer, maybe I should start a thread and say MR. SEE STARTED A RUMOUR AND COST SOME BUSINESS HUNDREDS OF STOCKS,

    SEE how easy this is to speak silly, you are in business and I would have expected more from you,

    NOW in the spirit of entertainment let me refresh some of your minds with something new called FACTS

    1. Robertson went BANKRUPT and was dealt with through the Canadian court and industry canada bankruptcy LAWS

    2. Jim Borden ans others were notified as creditors and suppliers under the Canadian process by mail, and quite frankly all knew of what happened months before the official filing of the bankruptcy papers,

    3. if the moulds were stolen PLEASE PRODUCE THE AGREEMENTS that were in place for the title or the legal interest in the moulds (as you seem to indicate they were not the property of R C inc)

    4. Mr. Price through an electical contractor business bought R C Inc a couple of years back and so these COMPLAINERS WHO SAY THE MOULDS WERE STOLEN MUST BE STUPID TO NOT KNOW THE BUSINESS CHANGED HANDS AND NOT TO HAVE FILED A CLAIM 3 YEARS EARLIER,

    5. I e-mailed Mr. Borden after he e-mailed me and we seemed to answer his questions, I refered him to the Canadian court system, and the trustee so if their is ALLEGATIONS OF FRAUD THEN FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE RCMP.

    6. a fellow from Montana purchased ALL OF THE ASSESTS THROUGH A COURT ORDER just like any other bankruptcy, after bids were accepted,

    7. this Montana guy just bought a new building and is doing some renovations for thie new business venture, property would be over a million to buy the land and build form scratch (thank god your economy is in the tank) so if there are guys who want to help him out, just ask, I am sure he could use the free labour instead of hearing about the bitching third hand.

    8. a number of mould have to be rebuilt, and they have done 3 so far, and have many more to go,

    9. also they have had to add rooms for inletting and dust collection, sent some stocks to a action maker to check over,

    10. turned down interviews on 2 occasions for the mag called precision shooting (maybe some of you intellectual types have heard of it or maybe not)

    11. revovations on his new house, preparing the old house for sale, hiring a new employee from the old company,

    12. WHY would he sent out stocks until he is comfortable with the process and ensures the NEW PRODUCT will match or exceed the old product,

    13. lucky 13 I guess, and I say if this was a LARGE CUSTOMER refered to earlier that is funny, did he request a dozen stocks, for Robertson made only 500 or 600 stocsk in 2010 and only made about 15 more in 2011 with SIX MORE EMPLOYEES AND DOUBLE THE SPACE, ( or so) and they had a full time salesman also ssssssssssssoooooooooo business failed,

    now I have tried to be funny but I am sure in this world of internet keyborad heros you will just tell or spew more lies (go ahead Jim Lee fess up your source)

    when JY is ready, and the business is ready STOCKS WILL BE PRODUCED,

    I was in fact at the Montana state Br shoot this past weekend, (finished fourth with a JTR stocked BAT I might add) and stayed in JY yard a few days before the match, he went to North Dakota to take care of some family business there but got back for the shoot,

    I also helped 4 creditors in the bankruptcy (1 from new zealand) so BACK OFF and get a life,

    now I must finish packing for the Canadian championship in BR this weekend, and no I am not related and no he is not my best friend, just a shooting guy who has an interest in making stocks and has bought a business through the courts the right way, no stealing anybodys ideas, or jobs or product or bubblegum,

    by by sleep type and make sure your stock is close by, and these stocks will do better than your 401k sotcks I can assure you

    later eh !! all this chatter makes my sleepy,

    Jefferson from Canada,
  9. Eddie Harren

    Eddie Harren Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 22, 2006
    Jefferson, thanks for setting the record straight. I doubt if any of the "keyboard experts" will heed any of your advice.
  10. BoydAllen

    BoydAllen Gold $$ Contributor

    Jun 13, 2005
    I have spoken with the fellow that bought the company. As of a few weeks ago he was in the sorting out stage, including refining his stock building process, and generally getting his personal and business affairs in order. I got his contact information from a fellow at a Visalia benchrest match. It seems to me that as he gets his ducks in a row, more information will be forthcoming, and stocks will become available. I wish him luck with his new enterprise. The sport of benchrest will benefit from his success. As an aside, a number of years back, a customer of a prominent benchrest gunsmith and shooter bought examples of all of the resin and fiber benchrest stocks that were available at the time and digitally characterized all of them (3D scanned). The word was that the Robertson was by far the straightest. This was when they were new to the benchrest market, and molds can warp from use, depending on how they are used and constructed. Nevertheless, since these stocks were highly regarded in some circles, I am sure that there are many who look forward to their reintroduction, and hope that the quality will be the same.
  11. Thud

    Thud Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 6, 2006
    Jefferson, Boyd;
    I love when the record is set straight
  12. GSPV


    May 2, 2006
    I've bought barrels from the "fellow from MT". He was as great to do business with. I'll be one of the first in line when he gets the stock business going.

    Greg J.
  13. Jim_Borden


    Sep 13, 2006
    I was never informed under the Canadian process about the pending bankruptcy and you and I have mutual friends that can attest to that. Further-there were legal agreements in place concerning ownership and use of molds that were paid for by entities in the USA.

    So-while setting the facts straight-lets make sure they are all set straight factually :)

  14. eww1350


    Oct 21, 2006
    "13. lucky 13 I guess, and I say if this was a LARGE CUSTOMER refered to earlier that is funny, did he request a dozen stocks, for Robertson made only 500 or 600 stocsk in 2010 and only made about 15 more in 2011 with SIX MORE EMPLOYEES AND DOUBLE THE SPACE, ( or so) and they had a full time salesman also ssssssssssssoooooooooo business failed, "

    This is a sad fact to see...only 500-600 stocks sold worldwide..!.....I would have thought that the sales would have been in the is sad because I think they are the best design currently available in many disciplines (F-Class,BR etc...) I may be off target, but it seems the tactical stocks are the big sellers based on the interest in "sniper" rifles I see at the gun club...

    I certainly would like to see a the complete manufacturing process of the Robertsons composite stocks
    as I haven't a clue how they are made...

    Eddie in Texas
  15. Dgd6mm


    Sep 11, 2007
    Ray Bowman's stocks are doing quite well. :D
  16. flatlander


    Nov 27, 2004
    I've owned & shot four of Ian & Kelly's H&H pattern prone stocks, and would very much like to see them become available again. Ian's inletting & overall quality was above reproach in my experience, which allowed a novice rifle builder like myself to get excellent results with them. Two of my H&H stocks are finished in Robertson's 'Vermont granite' color scheme, and they still get lots of positive comments at matches.
  17. LRCampos


    Apr 16, 2006

    Well, aparently I am the buyer of the last Robertson stocks, as I bought 7 GBF stocks that was delivered on 2011.

    I really like these stocks and would like to see them for sale again.

  18. tdking


    Nov 29, 2006
    Funny coincidence, I was visiting the in-laws in North Dakota last week and my brother-in-law mentioned something about his uncle buying a rifle stock making business from Canada. Turns out it was Robertson Composites. Mr. Young is in the process of getting things moved and organized according to my brother-in-law. Sounds like he will be getting the stocks back into production in the not too distant future. It's always nice to have a relative (sort of) in the business!
  19. woolenmammoth


    Oct 25, 2010
    any kind of follow up on this? Finally have funds together for a new build and had been looking forward to an H+H stock for years, was sad to hear they closed shop.
  20. Adam Pound

    Adam Pound

    Oct 15, 2012
    Eddie, I used to make stocks for Ian, and believe me the process is long. All done by hand except the CNC machining of the stock. Hand filing for a good finish followed by hand sandpapering and hand polishing. The philosophy was simple: it had to be perfct each time.

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