Oehler 35-P

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  1. L W P

    L W P

    May 29, 2016
    Has anyone ever made an external battery pack for the Oehler 35-P ? Or is there a place to buy one? I'm just tired of replacing the 9 volt in the little compartment . It always seems to quit at the time when I do not have a spare. Surly someone has done a modification to extend battery time and easier replacement. Thanks
  2. watercam

    watercam Gold $$ Contributor

    Mar 28, 2008
    Have you tried Oehler to see if they offer anything? In lieu of that buy a battery box that will hold six AA, C or D cells to make 9V. Use a mini-jack connector installed in the side of the 35P housing and on the wire from the battery box. Or simply hard wire. Velcro to the side of the housing and off you go. Even AAs will have more amp hours than a single 9V.
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