Nightforce Unimount or?

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  1. potatohead


    Oct 11, 2010
    Does anyone make a mount like the Nightforce Unimount? If so who? I just bought a NF BR 8-32x56. I have some Werne rings on it now and love how they fit.....very very low. However I want to be able to mount this scope one 3 rifles total with little to no hassle other than 2 screws. I cant lap the rings for one rifle and expect them to be perfect on another. So what do I do? I'm thinking I could go and buy the higher end rails for each rifle and then some really good rings??? Or I could buy the NF Unimount for the price fixed $247 dollars and 2 more EGW rails??? I think the price would be pretty close. I'm not sure if I like what the height of the Unimount with EGW rails would be.

    Any other ideas???
  2. DesertLefty

    DesertLefty Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 24, 2005
    The Nightforce Unimounts do look sweet (though I've never seen one in person).

    I had a set of their ultralight rings (with titanium locking hardware) and they were EXCELLENT.

    As for alternatives, I've currently got a quick-release mount on my AR from American Defense. I like the locking mechanism on their quick-release levers and it's $80 cheaper than the Unimount, but the cosmetics aren't as nice. The Unimount would probably look better with your Nightforce benchrest scope.

    Please buy the Unimount so that you can tell me how good it is. :)

  3. drano38


    Nov 27, 2006
    Potatohead, your logic sounds reasonable. You'd have to deep track of what windage/elevation setting equals zero for each rifle, and it still might be off by a click or 2 every time you move it, but it will be pretty close.

    I've got a NF Unimount on my AR for my NXS 3.5-15x50. Yes, it looks awesome and the 2 titanium cross bolts hold it on tight. I have not taken it off so I don't know how much the zero changes on re-installation.

    Many QD tactical style mounts are available. LaRue Tactical makes top shelf stuff. But a lot of their mounts have MOA built in and move the scope forward--2 helpful features for an AR, but may not be needed on a bolt gun. Look at the web site, and give them a call to see if their products fit your needs. I've read on some tactical forums that the locking mechanism slowly wears on the bottom of the rail when it tightens during multiple install/removals. Don't know if its not-to-worry nit-picking or a valid concern. May depend on how many times a year the mount is removed from the rail. Here's their web site.
    good luck
  4. fdshuster


    Jul 30, 2007
    I'm using the Burris Signature zee rings on all of my scope installations. I swap scopes around a lot from one rifle to the next, and it's a simple matter to remove the 2 base mount cross bolt screws, slide the scope off, not moving the rings, and sliding onto the other rifle. Sight adjustments settings are recorded for each rifle, so there is no sighting in required, or on rare occassions, just a couple of clicks. Just bought a Bat receiver bench rifle and it will also be setup the same way using the Weaver base.

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