Need a Good Smith to Install a M-16 Extractor on a 700 Bolt

Discussion in 'Gun Project Questions & Gunsmithing' started by BigDMT, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. BigDMT

    BigDMT Guest

    Does anyone know of a good smith who can install a M-16 style extractor on a Remington 700 Magnum bolt face?

    My smith doesn't have the tooling to do it. Thanks
  2. Steve Blair

    Steve Blair

    Sep 6, 2009
    Greg Tannel installs "mini" M16 extractors in Remington bolts. This is probably what you want. The standard M16 extractor is pretty big. [br]
  3. NateHaler

    NateHaler Silver $$ Contributor

    Nov 7, 2005
    Are you sure you want this modification? The factory extractor is a safer design, and quite a few smiths are reluctant (or even unwilling) to modify the bolt in this fashion... 8)

    As to a gunsmith rec, although he's in ND (vs. you being in Montana?), this gent is stellar:
  4. BigDMT

    BigDMT Guest

    Not quite sure how the extractor has anything to do with safety? Maybe you are talking about gas escaping from the boltface?

    Doesn't really matter though because in an overpressure situation, the gas comes right back in your face with any Rem 700. Which is one thing I really hate about the 700. Ask me how I know that...:)
    Rem 700 Factory extractor is much less reliable, that's for sure. If the factory extractor was any good, gunsmiths would have never come up with installation methods for a Sako extractor. And if there was nothing wrong with a Sako extractor, they wouldn't have come up with the idea for a M16 extractor ;)

    I want the Large m16 extractor because this is being used on a magnum action in a 338-375 Ruger. So the bigger/tougher the extractor components, the better.

    Thank you both very much for your input. I will look these gunsmiths up and see what they have to offer. Take care.
  5. BigDMT

    BigDMT Guest

    Checked both of them out.
    The North Dakota fella is $50 cheaper. Not to mention closer to me and has a very nice web site that really shows his level of high quality work. VERY NICE machining on everything he does. I will give him a call on Monday.
    Thanks NateHaler. BigDMT
  6. MTlager


    Mar 7, 2011
    Brandon, Check with Arnold Erhardt, Capitol Sports, Helena MT
  7. BigDMT

    BigDMT Guest

    Thanks Lonnie. I will do that.
  8. KMart

    KMart Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 11, 2010
    Just as info, from looking through the web and having seen one up close at the range, the Remington factory 338 lapua comes with an m16 extractor. After opening up the boltface as much as they did for the casehead, there was no room for the standard Remington extractor

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