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    Mar 25, 2011
    Hit one of my spots the other day and got out there right at 630am since it was supposed to hit the high 90s which is pretty warm for this area. Sun was blasting hot as soon as it rose. The p-dogs were out is swarms then it seemed like they just vanished right around 830-9am. I checked the temp on my meter and it read 90* already. Heck Id go under to stay cool like they did. 85 rounds into them by that time.
    So what do I decide to do, go check another town that has never had shot fired into it. Ive been to it a few times during big game season and coyote calling near it. Its not that big, perhaps 600 yards wide and 500 yards deep on nice rolling landscape. Its packed with dozens of mounds with 5-6 p-dogs on them just looking at me. This spot is 6 miles from my main town and behind the ranches locked gates and he told me last year to work it, bout time I got to it. There are at least a handfull of more smaller towns such as this that I will be trying to get to this year.
    I put the truck in the middle of it about 60 yards from the 1st mound. They are still out and only a few dove down. I ran 100 more rounds by 1130 am and called it quits due to the heat and needing to get to an appointment. Barrel got pretty hot even with me soaking my wrap every 15 shots or less due to the water evaporating fast. It was very steady shooting.

    5 on this mound, 2 close ones were the 1st shot, 3 singles when they came back to look at the pups.
    More than a few shot over the roof when they came up to feed behind me.
    Click on to play.
    These hits were at 315-335 yards.
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  2. pirate ammo

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    Dec 9, 2017
    what happened,they still got their heads on,,must not be shooting a Creedmoor,,,:cool:
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    May 29, 2016
    You can't shoot a Creedmoor just anywhere, depends on soil composition. If it's to loose..............
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    Mar 8, 2015
    Looks to have been shot from a very large, space based Creedmoor, possibly 6.5 meter.
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