Monopod/ shooting sticks for western hunting

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  1. K22


    Jan 24, 2011
    Mine are cut to 42" in length so I can use them sitting in a portable sportsman's chair. With my elbows resting on my thighs, my feet flat on the ground, my left hand gripping the sticks and my left index finger curled over the stock this locks me into position and provides a stable platform. I use a slight pressure rearward in the sticks to push the rifle into my shoulder.

    On a good day with my premier sub 1/2 moa varmint rifles I can keep five shots touching a 1" circle at 100 yards and 5 shots touching a 2" circle at 200 yards. Don't know beyond that since the club's range only goes to 200 yards but I've placed some make shift targets in the field and on a good day can hit a 3 x 5 card out to 300 yards which is good enough on a crawler ghog or coyote / fox.

    P.S. This proficiency was not automatic - it's taken quite a lot of practice and refining my technique to reach this level of precision with the sticks. Also - the skill is perishable - you have practice to retain the proficiency. But the system is simple to use, quick in the field, and provides a better field of view than shooting prone from a bipod, BUT, I freely admit shooting prone from a bipod is more stable but it doesn't work for me because I give up too many shots because of a limited field of view. Also, my old body doesn't work well from the prone anymore.
  2. fourpower


    Apr 29, 2012
    Primas trigger stick. I have taken one to Africa twice and taken 18 animals with it and they work great. I also sit in small chair off the ground for coyotes and they are good. just practice with them and you will fall in love!
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    JEFFPPC Silver $$ Contributor

    Jun 16, 2010
    I use a pair of the fiberglass electric fence poles. Slip a cut out of a bike tube twisted together to hold them. The inner tubeice can be slid up and down. To take you from phone to sitting. Very light, doubles as a hiking aid and fits inside gun case . My son and I have shoot deer and elk of these most in the 400 20 500 yard range.Cost...couple of bucks.
  4. 370bc

    370bc Silver $$ Contributor

    Jul 1, 2007
    Checkout the tripods they use in the PRS series and the NRL. I went from tall harris bipod, to stoney point stick, to bog-pod tripod.
    Now Im using Shadow Tech tripod w/ pig saddle. Im using a bag for support for my trigger arm while sitting on a three-legged blind chair. I learned as lot form the PRS guys. Good luck!
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