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  1. Art Dirindin

    Art Dirindin

    May 14, 2017
    I wish to give Scott Satterlee's 10 shot load development a try and already have a Cawldwell Presision premium chronograph and although I have enjoyed very good success with it shooting rifles and compound bows through it, admittedly it has been some what limited in use of under 100 rifle rounds so far not enough to IMHO prove it as highly reliable.To date with my limited use I had no issues getting consistent results and the free smart phone app is great.

    I was considering selling it as I can easily get $110 for my unit and put it towards a Magnetospeed Sport model for $149-$159. I have been researching both the pros and cons of the Magnetospeed and the Caldwell chrono systems and are concerned about the Magnetospeed's added weight on my barrel giving me problems that might seriously affect my velocity based load development rendering it unusable.

    Unless the several dozen reviews I read were all wrong, it seams to be well documented that the MS system will almost certainly affect your groups POI, usually high, but will the MS system have a large enough impact on my velocities that i can not use it for the Scott Satterlee load development system?

    The SC LDS as most know looks for a velocity based accuracy node in a 10 shot string of loadings varying .2 grains of powder from max going down. So if I'm understand the Scott Satterlee's system you are only looking for a velocity plateau where the velocity evens out and at this point pay no attention to group size, you can but at this point it's not necessary.

    Lastly I'm just beginning my journey into longer range shooting and are on a limited budget, and I belong to a private range and setting up and adjusting my Caldwell is never an issue and if i need i habve a awesome 10'x10' pop up canopy that i can set up in 10 minuets that I can use to shade my Caldwell if sunlight gets to be to much, and please don't suggest the Labradar as no way can i justify let alone afford it.

    So is the Magnetospeed 100% compatable with the Scott Satterlee 10 shot load development system? or should I just stay with my Caldwell?
  2. David Christian

    David Christian Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 18, 2017
    @Art Dirindin, I use both the magneto and a version of Scott’s system and they work great. Good luck!
  3. piie


    Mar 29, 2019
    I "retired" my magnetospeed after discovering that on my hunting rifle (Steyr in 6.5x55 with "pencil" barrel) - the magnetospeed caused extreme deviations in POI - talking about 5 to 6 MOA. On my 6.5 Creedmoor with bull barrel, I see way less impact, so your milage may vary, but adding anything to your barrel will have some effect on POI. I struggled for way too long to get my Steyr to shoot anywhere near MOA, so when I finally discovered it was the magneto, I just got a labradar.
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  4. Twoboxer

    Twoboxer Silver $$ Contributor

    Jun 22, 2014
    FWIW, I've used a Magnetospeed V1 alongside a Labradar, and the readings showed minor but consistent differences shot to shot. IOW, if the Lab showed 2800, the Magneto would read 2805 . . . 2802 - 2806, etc. So I'd say that should work fine for you.
  5. MikeMcCasland

    MikeMcCasland Silver $$ Contributor

    Apr 24, 2011
    Magnetospeeds are accurate, and would work for what you're trying to do. That said, the the 'Satterlee method' isn't ideal in my experience, and you're prone to going on a wild goose chase as it pertains to finding nodes based on the velocity of 10 rounds; god help you if you're not weighing to the kernel and brass prep isn't perfect, because that's going to alter your velocities, and present 'false nodes'.

    If it were me, I'd skip the MS all together, and go Lab Radar. Then follow the methodology prescribed in Cortina's '1000 yard load dev at 100 yard' thread on here. You'll find yourself more accurately identifying stable powder nodes. Secondly, you'll usually find yourself wanting to chronograph more often with a chrony that's easily deployed; one that doesn't impact POI/accuracy will really help you generate lots of data, while not requiring extra ammo.

    That said, if you're 100% set on the Satterlee method, the MS will accurately record velocities. No doubt about it.
  6. hogpatrol

    hogpatrol Don't criticize the farmer with your mouth full. Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 28, 2009
    If you're on a budget and the Labradar is out of your spectrum, check the classifieds on this and other shooting websites.There's more than one shooter who is upgrading from the Magnetospeed to the Labradar. I would NOT go with the sportsman's model. IIRC, it only records one shot and it requires you to write down the speeds on paper. The upgraded model using the mini SD card which records it in a spreadsheet format makes it a whole lot easier to save the data. As far as barrel harmonics, I shoot a few short, 20" or less, #3 or less contour varmint rifles and other than POI changes, accuracy didn't change. Longer barrels may be where the problem arises with accuracy. Heavy barrels, zilch issues.
  7. Evan

    Evan Gold $$ Contributor

    Mar 1, 2010
    The sportsmans records the shots, it just doesn't have the SD card feature, so you have to scroll through them and write them down after shooting, or write them down one at a time as you shoot. It calculates SD, ES, and average too. It works fine on all my rifles, from BR to hunting. The hunting rifles have all had a larger shift in POI than the BR rifles, but only 1 MOA or so. If a load shoots with the magneto on, it has always shot with it off too in my experience.
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  8. SAPenguin


    Jun 9, 2017
    Magneto will not affect velocity - but might affect POI
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  9. Evan

    Evan Gold $$ Contributor

    Mar 1, 2010
    Also like to add that I had no luck with the 10 shot method. Absolutely worthless in my eyes. I ended up trying 30 shots, 3 at each weight and averaging them and universally found, on 3 different rifles, a linear velocity curve with no flat spots anywhere.

    I advocate for not using a chronograph for load development at all. Only use it at the end to verify speed and then put it away. It was the most misleading piece of equipment I added to my routine and I get better results faster with 3 shot groups following a more traditional approach to development.
  10. Jennb


    Dec 29, 2015
    Magneto Speed when strapped to your barrel will not effect velocity but will effect POI. I use one for load development to find the node then I move on without it and fine tune with seating depth. Unless my rifle tells me I need to look at it again for some reason it never sees it again until a new barrel goes on.
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  11. Sheldon N

    Sheldon N

    Jan 20, 2015
    Magnetospeed is going to be a more accurate chrono than your current caldwell, worth the upgrade.

    Satterlee method of looking for a velocity flat spot is a good concept, but not 100% ideal in all situations. If your gun and load aren't already dialed to where you have single digit SD's, the variation from shot to shot will have too much noise to find a flat spot, if there is one. Some guns will show it, others will be totally linear velocity curve.

    IMO the way to do it is to load 5 rounds per charge weight. Shoot three of the rounds into groups OCW or Cortina style with no chrono attached, then strap on the chrono and shoot the other two rounds and record velocity. Then you can analyze both the target and the velocity to see what it's telling you. I usually give more weight to the target/OCW and use the velocity as a second decision factor.
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  12. Texas10

    Texas10 Gold $$ Contributor

    Dec 10, 2016
    I mostly shoot heavy varmint or bull barrels when using my Magnetospeed Sport model, and it does change the POI. It will also act as a tuner if it moves at all on the barrel, effecting grouping and giving false group data. For those reasons, I mostly don't use it during load development except I will set aside 3 or 5 rounds as a velocity check, especially if starting out fresh with a new load. Wonderful tool, very accurate, and as far as recording shot data, I write all that on the target as well as in my loading record.
  13. F Class John

    F Class John NRA Life Member Gold $$ Contributor

    Sep 1, 2018
    Also keep in mind the Sporter model can’t be used on barrels over 1” so if you’re running 1-1/4” like most Fclass people then you’ll need a V2 or V3.
  14. Richard Coody

    Richard Coody Silver $$ Contributor

    Feb 19, 2017
    I advocate for not using a chronograph for load development at all. Only use it at the end to verify speed and then put it away.

    Me too! Let the target tell the tale
  15. 1badgoat

    1badgoat Gold $$ Contributor

    May 4, 2016
    No more poi changes.

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  16. B23

    B23 Gold $$ Contributor

    Jun 20, 2017
    Starting to see more and more of these kinds of setups where the bayo isn't strapped to the barrel.

    With the MS chronograph not only being stupid easy to setup and use, but as accurate as any chronograph on the market with rarely ever a missed shot, it's no surprise we're seeing more and more of these stock mounted bayo attachments.
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  17. Don

    Don Gold $$ Contributor

    May 24, 2007
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  18. AlaBusa


    Jan 3, 2018
    You need one of these to get rid of poi shift..... k2xgT7vl.jpg
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  19. mongo chicago

    mongo chicago

    Mar 1, 2016
    Shooters waste more time, ammo , and barrel life on barrel break in and then complain about the few rounds they use up in a magneto speed because it shifts the point of impact. They waste half the barrel life trying to test all the possible variations in brass, primers, bullets, resizing, seating depths etc. Get the MS, chrono your final loads and be done with it. So what if the poi shifts while you are using the MS, you don't compete with it attached.
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  20. Eternal Student

    Eternal Student

    Mar 15, 2016
    I agree with you. You should find your load first then check your speeds. I had to do that with my 280 that has a thinner barrel on. I am not good enough to notice my groups open up on the M24 style barrels when Magneto Speed is on it. I like the LabRador but I had issues with it when using suppressors and at the range. JMO Good luck
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