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    Mar 2, 2013
    Ok. So with lots of threads on scope checking I think about it more when I go to the range. Yesterday we had our monthly silhouette varmint match. 50 targets, 200 to 600 yards. 2 relays and drive downrange to set up targets so it takes 2+ hours. Yesterday it was windy and we had a Santa Ana shifting from right to left to right again. So the turrets were worked out quite a bit. quite a few rounds downrange.

    20170904_172202 (2).jpg The top 2 rows are sighting in with a new bullet/load. Then I shot the match.

    Left side of 2nd row is confirmation that the scope came back to zero after the match.

    right side of second row was 3 shot group from cool barrel 30 minutes later.

    I know this test doesn't guarantee that the scope is perfect but it is more than I usually do--put the rifle back in the case until next trip.

    The scope is a NF Comp. Rifle is a 6xc. BTW, the combination won the match with 47 targets down. 3 tied for second with 46. Top 4 finishers were 3x NF comp and 1x Tangent theta.

    And someone left this behind. I didn't like their 30 cal shot to the ear so I put one in the forehead, just for fun. Die badguy.

  2. pacificman


    Feb 14, 2013
    Seems a good way to test a scope and a competition match against others...(and for yourself).
    Looks like everything is working as it should...good to know about some of the expensive equipment we
    all use and like.;):) Good post! :)

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