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    Apr 8, 2017
    I received my new barrel from Billy Stevens a couple of days ago. It is a 30" Brux 4-groove, .236 bore and it has an Ezell tuner. I loaded 50 rounds of Lapua 6BR with 32.0 gr. of 8208 XBR and some 66 gr. Council FB bullets for fire forming.
    I was thinking of fire forming the brass without using the tuner, but Mike (Ezell) told me to put the tuner on and use it....even with fire forming loads. He advised me to screw it all the way in and then out enough to be on zero on the first turn.
    I started at the zero setting and fired 5 rounds at 100 yards......the group measured .220 and I was pleasantly surprised. Next, I fired 5 rounds at 2 marks (~ .002) out from zero (away from receiver) and they measured .228 with a hint of vertical. I cleaned the rifle thoroughly and did so after every 10 rounds. For the third group I went in toward the receiver .002 and shot a .357 "blob". Next was a group at .003 out and it measured .246. Next was my group at .003 in and it measured an ugly .396. The last group at 100 yards was shot at .004 out and was the best of the day at .198.

    The evidence so far indicates that I do NOT need to go "in" from my zero mark with this load. I had twelve rounds left and shot 2 at 200 to get a zero and shot a 5-shot group at 250 yards (farthest I can shoot on this range). I shot this group with a .004 "in" setting and it measured 1.092" vertical. Then I changed the tuner to .004 out and shot a 1.084" group. Hurricane Harvey has passed through but it left a very wet ground and with the bright sun today, the mirage was TERRIBLE. The wind was very light and I did not use wind flags. Also, my BAT bolt is in Idaho getting a roller cocking piece installed, but my friend Jeff Turner loaned me his BAT and I used the bolt from it. Thank you BAT for building actions that differ in age by at least 15 years, yet have interchangeable bolts.

    Also, I used a 10X-50X MOAK scope from Kahles and it is truly a superb instrument. I shot in the mirage today at 35 and 40 power rather than 50X. I could have used 50, but the mirage was very distracting at that power. Also, let me thank Mike Ezell for an excellent tuner and clear instructions on how to use it. Also, I thank Billy Stevens for his excellent work in chambering this barrel.

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    Very nice!
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    Thanks for the report James.

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