Fast twist .223 - trying to get 53gr V-Max to shoot well

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  1. txnintn


    Jan 6, 2015
    I was not trying to change what you said. Sorry, I guess my smart phone aint that smart.
    The loading data is from Hodgdon's website and according to my Lyman's 49th addition the fastest max load for a 53 pill is 41.0 grain of H380 with a 3706 fps.
    Of course both mfg have to cover their butts on loading data, all you have to do is look at the pressures all well below the 22-250's pressure CUP rating.

    By the way, I called Hornady, and they do NOT recommend the 53 grain V-Max in a 14" twist barrel.

    But I have a load I'm going to sneak up on which Quickload is reporting around 3900 fps, if they don't stabilize at this speed, there nothing left of changing the barrel.

    NOTE : The V-Max did stabilize at 3900 FPS.

    My first shot was 1.5" low at 7 o'clock @ 3885 with a slight egg shape. The second shot drilled the bullseye @ 3905 FPS. The next two hugged the bullseye. The last shot was an inch high at 2 o'clock after being launched @ 4025 FPS. The 3 shot grouping was .6 not to bad considering a windy day with gusts up to 15 MPH and swirling around the target.
  2. varmintshooter


    Jan 19, 2014
    Just an update here, the 53 vmax is shooting well out of my 8 twist 223 AI. I have also been shooting some 75 amax @ 3000 with much less drift in the wind. I have a CBI 9 twist barrel that shoots the 53's very well but will not shoot the 75's. I would recommend an 8 twist for anyone wanting to shoot the 53 vmax as you will have the option of shooting heavier bullets.
  3. IA_shooter

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    Feb 12, 2013
    After I get back from my PD trip where I'll get 250-300 pcs of brass fire formed in my CBI 223AI barrel, I'll be playing with some 60 grain V-max bullets and some 69 grain Sierras. They should do well out of my 1-9 twist barrel and I'll have plenty of fire formed brass to play with finally.

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