Converting Redding Dies for 20 Caliber Use

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  1. Fireball


    Aug 31, 2005
    I posted this over a year ago on another small caliber message board and thought it might be useful to folks here considering doing a 20 caliber based on a cartridge they already have dies for like the 20 BR, 20 PPC, 20 Practical, 20-221 or 20-222.

    These are the parts you will need to convert your current Redding .22 PPC and/or .22 BR dies for use with the .204 caliber versions of these two great cartridges.

    The seat plug may, or may not, be required depending on how your particular rifle is throated. My .20 PPC was throated very short so my .22 PPC Comp Seater wasn't able to get the bullet far enough into the case. Redding makes the .22 seat plug for the Comp Seaters in two lengths. The PPC and BR Comp Seaters come with the short length plug. The longer plug easily gets the bullet far down into the case with adjustment room to spare. The .204 caliber bullets engage the .224 seat plugs very well by the way, perfectly seating the bullet in terms of straightness and concentricity.

    Using this same method of ordering some extra little parts from Redding one could also convert .221 FB and other die sets into .204 caliber versions of their parent cartridges.

    The photo shows the two different length .22 seat plugs for the Comp Seater, the short decap rod stem for the small calibers for use in the bushing,Type-S) style dies, a .20 size button, and two Hornady .204 Vmaxes.

    Part # 10715 Decap rod stem for bushing neck die,short) $4.00
    Part # 42203 .20 caliber size button $4.00
    Part # 55042 BR seat plug - 22 cal,long) $21.00


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