common good results for 22 ammo or the mfgr of the gun?

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  1. rangerruck


    Oct 14, 2005
    just finished another test today with approx 75 different brands/types of 22 ammo. i have a Marlin mod 60 that is my total target shooter, i treat it very genteel, but i did not use this for testing. instead i used a rifle that i have been working on, and hacking up,that i am going to sell to some lucky person who gets it, next weekend at the GRB GUN SHOW here in Houston. it is a mod 75, i hacked, cut, and chopped up, painted everything, black on black on black, with rubber paint, enigne block paint and truck bedliner paint. Put a small bushy 3x9x32 scope on it, WW11 leather strap sling, and a harris bipod. even painted the scope a little bit, just to flatten it out a little. scope, even during the testing,slides a bit, because i'm using some ultrahigh see through sites. shot it fast and furious tonight, from about 3.3o pm to 7 pm. tested all the ammo i put up on the bench. the results?
    Almost identical to my known bench shooter, the preferred group of ammo is the Aguila. Oh yes it shoots a minimag here pretty good, and a red box fed and a red box am erican eagle ok. but if i want a whole group of high veolcity ammo to count on, with no fliers, no squibs or misfires, and can make it a one whole punch if i REALLY TRY? then i will pull out the Aguilas, and put in some work, yes the eleys were a tiny tad more accurate, particularly in the yellow box, but they are not high velocity, now are they? so does any one else get the same type of accuracy out of the same bullets used in another but, the same, mfgr gun, but when you switch to a different mfgr gun, a whole different set of bullets group better?

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