Bullets for Savage LRPV

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  1. Brown274


    Jan 7, 2015
    I have a factory Savage LRPV with factory 1:7 twist barrel. I am about to start load development for 1-500 yards for hitting steel (no hunting/targets only). I am currently able to hit the 10" steel @ 500 yards almost every shot with factory loaded Norma 55gr .223. We are going to put 1 moa steel up and see what we can do.

    Where should I start with bullet selection. I see Sierra has 77gr & 80gr Matchkings, 69gr & 77gr tipped Matchkings. Berger has 73gr BT target, 75gr & 80gr VLD, 80.5 Fullbore Target, & 82gr LR BT Target. I will probably get a single shot follower and just hand load them.

    What would be your first two choices to try out. I am going to stick with these two brands first. Price per bullet is not a factor. I currently have Varget powder but could try something else if it will do better for the .223 (I use Varget in my 7mm08 hunting gun with pro-hunters)
  2. moorepower


    Feb 9, 2010
    With those choices, 80SMK, 80SMK and 80 SMK.

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