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  1. K redden

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    Jan 29, 2013
    What is the g7 BC for a 6mm Berger 105 vld hunting bullet , at 2500fps and 2000 fps
  2. 6ShotsOr5?

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    Aug 25, 2017
    Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets, 2nd Edition has the 105 gr Target VLD, but not the 105 gr Hunting VLD.

    Velocity-dependent G7 BC’s listed for the Target VLD:
    Above 3000: 0.258
    3000-2500: 0.260
    2500-2000: 0.260
    2000-1500: 0.269
    <1500: 0.278

    The same book lists the Target VLD length as 1.222”.

    On the Berger website, the Hunting VLD single-valued BC is listed as 0.278 and the bullet Length is 1.22 inches in the stability calculator. Target VLD BC is listed as 0.265 with the bullet length equal to 1.22 inches.

    Based on the difference in the overall average BC’s, I would suggest adding around 1% to the velocity-dependent values above which should get you pretty close for the Hunting VLD.
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