Beretta Mato

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  1. Pyscodog


    May 31, 2008
    I need suggestions on bases for my rifle. They seem to be like finding unicorns with maybe the exception of Talley and Weaver. I have a set of Weaver but I'd like to have something better. Weavers will work but they are aluminum and I just don't care for them. Talley is good but require using Talley rings and I'm not sure what scopes going on it yet. I have an email sent to Leupold but haven't got a reply yet. I like the Leupold because I can get rings locally but would like to hear if there is other options other than the three I mentioned. Thanks!!
  2. slancey

    slancey Gold $$ Contributor

    May 8, 2018
    If the Mato is built using a Dakota Model 97 action, and I think it is, then you can use the Dakota bases. They are Leupold-style front dovetail, rear windage design, but they are sculpted to fit the action perfectly. I've used several, and I was please with all of them. You can get them from Dakota, or one of their dealers. Then you can use Leupold rings, which is what I did.

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