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  1. dale1948


    Aug 16, 2013
    Hi guys, new member here. A better way to ask my last question/post? To what length do you trim the .35 Rem cases to for the RCBS 35-200-FN cast bullet? This will be used in a Marlin 336 lever action.

    Thanks, Dale
  2. jonbearman

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    Jan 3, 2010
    What ever your manual says. I dont believe trimming short for a cast bullet is necessary.I would use a vld chamfer tool for ease of seating.
  3. 357Mag


    Dec 25, 2006
    Dale -

    Howdy !

    I always trim my .35 Rem's ( and any .35 Rem-based wildcat(s) ) to the specified case oal... in this instance 1.920"

    For me, the more important thing to watch is to not set back the shoulder too much, when using an FL size die; or the equivalent of a
    " shoulder bump " die. The case's comparatively small-area shoulder can be coaxed into an excessive headspace condition w/o much effort.

    I also urge you to check/cut your .35Rem case' primer pockets for uniformity, de-burr the flash holes; and check flash hole diameters to cull-out any that are excessively large.

    I turn my case necks to at least remove " orange peel " effect of the brass, and to thereby make neck wall thicknesses more uniform.
    Having done that, I am able to use a .380Auto die as a stand-in shoulder bump die " for my .35 Rem brass, as the necks slid right up-into the die. With my loads/ my gun... I don't have to FL size my .35 Rem brass, not even those that are brand-new from Rem.

    For neck sizing, I use a LEE " Collet Neck Size Die " , with center mandrel(s) sanded-down in progressively-smaller .001" increments
    beneath the factory-provided diameter. My most-accurate loads have been those assembled using a mandrel .004" smaller in diam than what was provided stock by the factory. My rifle is a Marlin M-336 XLR.

    With regards,

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