300 WSM using Berger 200-20x help

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  1. mikegaiz

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    Mar 5, 2009
    I am shooting a 300WSM in IBS 1000 yd. Light Gun using Berger 200x20s and am currently using a 1-10 twist 30 in. Kreiger with mixed results. I am going to order a new barrel and wondering if i should use a 1-11? any input?


    Jan 30, 2010
    I'm running a 17 Lb. light gun in 300 WSM as well. - The 1-11 twist 5C Broughton (at 30") shot the Berger 200.20x's exceptionally well at 100 yds right after break-in of this barrel.
    I'm throated for 210's and I only had a mere 0.060 of the bullet bearing surface in the case neck to get it up at about 0.012 off the lands.
    a 1-11 will stabilize them no problem. - I've also shot them in a 1-10 Benchmark on a tactical style 300 WSM off a Bi-Pod with good results.

    I believe a 1-11 will stabilize most Berger bullets up to & including the 210's without problems.

    I'm planning on shooting the 200.20x in Light-Gun at Deep-Creek in the Nat's in August.

    - Ron -

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  3. Down South

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    Feb 16, 2013
    I have a 11 twist barrel that hammers at 1000 with X bullets running 2720 ish (FTR rifle .308) so you shouldn't have any issues running them much faster in 300 WSM. According to the twist rate calculator the 11 twist gives up some BC but it definitely doesn't seem to be hurting accuracy. I ran 210 JLKs in 11 twist barrels with excellent results at 1000 as well. Good luck.
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  4. 69mach


    Nov 11, 2017
    I tried the 200.20 bergers in my short mag and just couldn't get them to group as well as I thought they should with a 1 in 10t 28inch rock creek barrel so I went back to 215gr hybrids. Having said that i wanted to use h4350 and didnt test anything but h4350 with the 200.20 bullets. This fall I may test more when I get time.

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