300 Win Mag bullet performance

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  1. dibbs


    Jan 2, 2006
    Looking for some real world hunting experience that folks have had with 208 Amaxes, older Berger 210 LR BT's, and the Hornady 212 grain ELD-X in a 300 WM. Hoping for a dual purpose load that would be accurate on targets way out there, and also have good expansion and penetration on Deer and Elk. Thanks.
  2. JBT

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    Jan 24, 2017
    I've hunted extensively with the 208 Amax and Berger 215 Hybrid (I know you did not ask about the 215).
    208 Amax:
    Possibly my favorite hunting bullet. Excellent performance, large wound channels. Expands/fragments well at extended ranges even without hitting heavy bone.

    215 Hybrid:
    Great performance but it's a tougher bullet than the Amax. Works well for shoulder shots. Past 600 yds the wound channels are not spectacular like the 208 Amax.

    Check out reviews by Broz (username) on longrangehunting.com on the 215 Hybrid for elk.
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