.22br load data 75 amax help

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  1. 2osok


    Feb 21, 2006
    .22br 75 amax can anyone help me on some info on load data and development, has anyone had any problems on grouping due to fire forming, am using vit 150 32.g fed 205m 29 inch barrel 1in9 twist and any oacl data this would be of great help
  2. ALO


    Jan 8, 2005
    I'm not sure as to whether this will help you, but I have a 22 BR with a 1/8 tw Krieger barrel cut to 27 inches. This little baby prefers the Hornady 75 grain A-Max bullet. I use only Lapua brass and I had the chamber cut so I do not have to make tight necks for the rifle. It shoots unbelieveably well. I do not use the Vit Powder but use some good ol' fashion Varget powder. MY ideal load is 28.3 grains but your sweet spot will probably be somwhat different, but it is a good place to start. I use Federal 205M primers and have tried CCI 450 with equally good result. My overall length with the use of Sinclair's comparator is 2.698 inches. This overall length is measured at the ogive with the comparator included in the length measurement. I also use Redding S dies with bushing to apply the correct and equal neck tension to all of my match,weighed ) cases. I might seem like a lot of work, but once you have got everthing dialed in it goes pretty quick. This little beauty shot a 2.4 inch group at 600 yards in competition,6 shots 4 - 10s with 2 x rings and 2 nines =48. Hope some of this information helps you.

    AL O
  3. Gadget


    Aug 20, 2008
    I cant help with 75g Amax.
    But 80g VLD and 80g Amax 1:8 twist 30" I have found 30.5g VV150 cci450 primers -12 thou from lands @ approx 3220fps, I think there is some room for improvement but it has been shooting well for me at 700,800,300mts I'll finish the set 4,5,600 before I make a change., or maybe not ).
  4. eggman


    May 10, 2006
    I am shooting a custom Savage with a 27" SSS bull straight taper 22BR 8" twist. The best load I have found for this rifle is a moly coated 75 gr. AMax seated slightly into the lands over 31 grs. Norma 203-B powder using a CCI BR-4 primer. I use Lapua brass neck turned for a .250" nk.chamber. Velocity is 3200+ fps and very good accuracy. I have shot crows at 680 yds with this load off of a portable bench. Norma 203-B is very similar to RL-15 but this rifle liked Norma 203-B best.


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