Your best 6.5x47 600 yard groups.

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    Jan 9, 2008
    About 4+ years ago I was shooting a new 6.5 x 47L to test out seating depth load for 300-600 yard F-Class. I was testing loads out at 600 yards. The first 5 shot group was right at 5/8"!! The next were in the 1.5-2.0+/- or so inches. I was using RL-15, Berger 130VLD's out of a 28" 1-8 / 4 groove conventional Krieger. I have NEVER been able to get anything near 5/8" since. Most groups will be "about" 2", however, getting down to 1.5" on a cloudy, windless day can be done from time to time. Getting below that will be an anomaly when all the stars line up. On a "normal" day, as in some wind and heat waves, staying close to 2 inches would be AWESOME, if done on a "relative" consistent basis. On one occasion, during a 600 yard F-Open match, with excellent conditions, I shot a 200-17X with a .260 Ackley. Nothing "remarkable" about that except, all 17Xs were so tight together that NONE of the pasties even touched the line of the X ring! I have never accomplished that again either. There are times when everything just seems to "come together" and wonderful groups can emerge>>>but that is certainly NOT the norm!
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    I’ve shot several sub 2” aggs at 525 yards benchrest matches my best last year was a 1.723 agg for Four targets five shots for a total of 20 shots.
    This all from a Bat M Brux 8 twist 1.250 straight at 30”
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    Do you use wind flags? One by your bench, one at 200, 400, and then one at the target can be very informative on just how regular your chosen shooting condition actually is. Flags are the difference between 2 inches at 300 yards and sub inch groups with my 22BR. My "flags" are 4ft sticks of #3 rebar with a 2ft streamer of surveyors tape tied to the end.

    EDIT: Totally missed the 2011 stamp. This one was dug up out of the graveyard!
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    Me Too!
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    Try the the Berger 140 gr elite hunter with vv550

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