You may want to consider who you bank with

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    Feb 27, 2018

    I love some of the stories on here!

    I left B of A going on 10 years ago.
    Same with Wells Fargo.

    I noticed B of A was liberal with their corporate policies, and advertising them like they were proud, so I pulled up savings, checking, and home mortgage. Went with Pennymac on mortgage. They seem to support allot of VA loans so for now sticking with them.

    Wells Fargo screwed up on my checking account closing the account for some stupid "you gotta use your debit card" rule or some such nonsense. It was about the most inopportune time for them to do so, I had a direct deposit paycheck pending, electronic deposit from State and Fed tax return, and it all ended up floating around in electronic banking land for about a week before they got it straight.
    Meanwhile I went to my local credit union and got all my ducks in a row. When it was straightened out I closed the account after doing business with them foolishly for over 30 years. (Used to be called First Interstate). Moved everything over to credit union and USAA.

    So far so good...
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