Yet another 223 1:9 twist barrel, with a twist in the question!

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  1. DangerousDrummer


    Dec 27, 2012
    50 gr Hornady vMax
    IMR 3031
    23.2 grns
    WSR primers
    100 yds

    There is always one that has got to be a loner. :-\
    Just can't get my 1:9 rr barrel to shoot 69 gr SMKs this good.
  2. mac86951

    mac86951 I prefer my targets level and unmoving Gold $$ Contributor

    Dec 17, 2012
    Thanks for the inputs. H322 is being used in the Triple Deuce, it works almost as well as H4198. I have found that IMR3031 is a "forgotten" powder at least locally. Ken Waters loved it for .243 loads, and I found some interesting .223 and 222 load recommendations too. Long Grains mean no quick powder measure, but the grains are large enough that a spoon makes fast work of it anyway.

    for the heavy weights, I've had a bit of experience, and I've learned that you should NOT depend on one bullet. I've seen 1:9 shoot the SMK 69gr very well, and I've seen others that shot it poorly, but loved the 68gr Hornady. Don't give up until you've tried all three Nosler, Hornady (68), and Sierra for the 69gr, and try the berger 70gr VLD too. It might like one far more than the others.

  3. jonbearman

    jonbearman I live in new york state,how unfortunate ! Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 3, 2010
    A while back I ordered for 3 guys and got 48#'s of wc844 and wc846 and got stuck with it.Now I am darn happy I did.It works very well up to the 69's.On the other hand the benchmark is a very good powder to try also.

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