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  1. CChastain

    CChastain Silver $$ Contributor

    Jun 11, 2014
    Just traded for an XP 100 in .223 cal . Custom gun with 14 inch Krieger barrel with a 14 twist . This is my first long range handgun and im trying to find a starting place for handloads . Any help would be appreciated . Chris
  2. MK 19

    MK 19

    Nov 16, 2012
    I also have a 10" and 14" 223's, mine are based on the Contender platform but it still works. The first thing you'll need to know is that with your slow twist you will want to concentrate on bullets that are 50 gr or lighter in weight and preferably with a flat base. My 14" barrel loves a load of:

    40gr Berger FB Varmint over 26gr of VV N133 with Lapua Brass and CCI BR-4's

    That load does give a massive fireball in my 10" but it is very accurate in both barrels, it is a bit expensive for high volume shooting but it is perfect for low volume target work. For higher volume, read cheaper, shooting with the pistols I use:

    40gr Nosler Varmageddon over 26.8gr of Benchmark with whatever brass you have available and CCI BR-4's

    Both are good for varmints and targets out to 300+, but if you want a bit more reach you can also try Berger's 52gr FB Target, I do not shoot many of these out of the 223's as the 40's have worked so well, but they group beautifully in my 22-250 XP-100 at 500 yards. That 52gr will be the heaviest bullet that you will be able to shoot without re-barreling your pistol, but it does work wonders.

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