Vietnam Veteran's Stories

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    Feb 3, 2017
    To those who served in RVN: Brothers, let's not argue about who had the worst of it. Everyone had a job to do and it took every level to make things work.

    We grunts, certainly had the $hitty end of the stick, but we were helpless with out the support of the guys that slept in the rear. Water, grub and ammo come to mind. Artillery, airstrikes and Puff saved our bacon more than once. We could count on the Huey crews to supply us and take out our wounded and dead. Doctors and nurses mended our wounds.

    I can vividly remember days when things were really bad and we cheered the Phantoms rolling in and the gunships cleaning things up.

    Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, they all had a place in this war. They are all my brothers and I love and respect them all for their service.
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    Appreciate you brother. Last one of my friends to not make it home was in April of 67 in one of the hill fights around Que San. Still hurts. Those are the ones us old snuffies remember the most. As it should be. "If each one remembers one, all will be remembered."
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