URSA NorCal (2000 Yards and Counting) - Sunday, March 29 (cancelled) and April 5, 2020 (cancelled)

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    URSA NorCal (2000 Yards and Counting) - Sunday, March 29 (cancelled - no sign-ups) and April 5, 2020 (cancelled - no sign-ups)

    Trying to get something going here in advance of the 3K, thus the two dates - could be one or both depending on the sign-ups (and weather, of course). NOTE: Worst case we may "need" to move the 3K out to May 17.

    Location – Clear Lake area (same as prior)

    Setup will be done late Saturday or early Sunday morning by our NorCal crew. Target(s) will be in place at minimum 2000 yards. IRIS hit-indicators will be in place and be the sole control for official hits and misses.

    If you want to shoot this event, you need to sign up, ONLINE (see below), worst case, no later than Friday the 27th by or before 6 PM for March (and no later than Friday the 3 by or before 6 PM for early April). The Match Director will decide how many shooters need to be signed up to move forward with this event. Unless the event is formally cancelled (as announced on this and other posting sites), assume it is going forward.

    This shoot will be an opportunity to qualify for the 2020 URSA 3000 Yard Challenge – to qualify you need 5 hits in 10 shoots during the formal 7+3 practice session, or event qualification, or record round.

    The URSA Official Course of Fire is at FAQ 13, near the bottom of this page on the URSA website - https://www.unlimitedrange.org/operations.html All shooter should review the course of fire prior to arriving at the venue. Venue detail will be provided later this week on the CalGuns site – contact me if you need the link. Substantial additional data regarding URSA shoots are included on the same web page.

    Sign-Ups: URSA uses the online program, Zoho Forms, to capture Liability Release and Build Sheet sign up data, and spectator/other Liability Release sing up data. Please use the appropriate link at the top of the Activity/Event Schedule page to sign up for this and future events (http://www.unlimitedrange.org/activity event schedule.html). If you have any problem with the online form, please e-mail me ASAP (webmaster@unlimitedrange.org). BTW, the form asks for limited “address” (only city, state, and ZIP). We do NOT need your street address.
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