SOLD Threaded Ruger 77/357 w/ Leupold VX-R

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  1. Mike McCasland

    Mike McCasland Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 24, 2011

    Another rifle that probably doesn't have much interest to this crowd, but we'll toss a line out anyway.

    I'm cleaning out the safe in order to generate funds for another FTR build...and I've got 3-4 pistol caliber guns that do the exact same thing. None of them ever get shot, and this one least of all, so its got to go.

    It's a bolt action Ruger 77/357 that had the barrel cut down to 16", and threaded 1/2-28 for a suppressor*; work was performed by Tumbleweed customs. The rifle has a Volqartzen target sear (trigger is probably ~2lbs) and comes with one factory magazine.

    The scope is a Leupold VX-R 2-7x33. It's a 30mm main tube, with an illuminated reticle.

    The setup would make one hell of a close range pig/deer killer, or a nice companion to a 357 revolver.

    In the sake of full disclosure, I have had feed issues with the rifle running 180gr lead flat nose bullets through the gun. I had fewer issues running Hornady XTPs through it, but it would occasionally fail to feed if you didn't work the bolt hard. I've also never shot a factory round down the barrel, so who knows? 99% sure it's a mag issue, but it never was a big enough of a problem to mess with, or even contact Ruger. Nor have I shot the rifle all that much...maybe 750 rounds total? I didn't keep a round count on this one.

    Looking to get $800 for the rifle & scope combo.

    The rifle retails for $800, and the scope for $449

    I prefer an FTF deal in the Austin area. I'm in the Houston & New Braunfels area fairly often too.

    *For those with suppressors who might be interested, you may want to check with your suppressor mfg. I'm using a SilencerCo Octane 9 can, and after getting it in writing from them that it wouldn't destroy the suppressor, I've probably shot ~500-600 supersonic/full power 357 loads through it. I suspect most pistol cans will hold up to the pressure due to the increased barrel length. I was running H110 and LilGun behind a 158gr bullet at ~1750-1800 FPS.


    Shoot me a PM if interested.
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  2. H2OBUG

    H2OBUG Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 18, 2011
    Cool gun
    Would be fun to do play with.

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