Sierra 6.5 130 Gr Gamechanger Review

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  1. Prose


    Apr 20, 2017
    260 Rem Custom Sporter Ruger 77 MkII 22"
    Best MOA to date
    Sierra 130 Gamechanger .129 avg .3
    Nosler 130 Accubond .25 avg .5
    Anything made by hornady (multiple bullets) ~.75 avg 1

    43.2 H4350, WLR, Lapua Brass. 2.825 COAL (10 thou off lands) 2815 FPS. Can go to about 43.7 safely in my rifle.

    I find that the consistency of this bullet in all measurements FAR exceeds anything I've ever measured by Hornady. The nosler accubond has been very accurate for me but is very expensive.

    Anyways, the new Sierra bullets shoots very accurately in my rifle and I would recommend them. We shall see how they perform on game in a month!

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