Shooting sticks?

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  1. onelastshot


    May 6, 2012
    I've spent the summer practicing on a tripod. Getting ready for an African hunt in October and the tripods are all they use. They are a lot steadier than the monopod or even the bipod. The more you practice the more it becomes second nature. They are terrific when you don't have a tree branch to use or a rock to curl up next to.
  2. Lucky Shooter

    Lucky Shooter Gold $$ Contributor

    Jun 14, 2014
    I used two fiberglass ramrods-----3/8'----and put heat shrink tubing on them over a light soft wrap.

    Also made a small aluminum stool to sit on-----by holding the sticks together by hand, it was easy to
    adjust elevation.

    This setup hastened the downfall of many groundhogs and PD's.

    The stool height was very similar to a milking stool and I found the height by stacking books until
    my rear end was the correct height to line up with the scope.

    The little stool also served me well in the dove fields for many years.

    Sadly, these days I'd have a hard time getting up and down with the stool-----it now belongs to a son,
    along with the sticks.

    A. Weldy
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  3. Prose

    Prose Silver $$ Contributor

    Apr 20, 2017
    I bought one of those "Bog-Pod" Mono-pods last year to function as both a walking stick and shooting stick. I was surprised at how stable it was able to hold both in the sitting/kneeling and also standing positions. Before the season I shot with it once at the range, but also practiced in my firearms room for an hour or two total. Off the bench or harris bi-pod my deer rifle is legit 1/4 moa. Off the bog pod I could hold 3/4 moa or better. I took a deer with it at 480 yards while standing (Lung shot). My wife also used it for a shot, and like usual--shot it in the spine, but remarked that it was very stable.

    Some pros:
    Less weight on the actual firearm.
    Faster to deploy than unfolding legs, getting prone, level, ect.
    Can be deployed above the grass/weeds on the ground.
    Stable enough to confidently take shots that would never be possible unsupported.
    More stability as a walking stick, helps me stand up instead of using my rifle as a brace.

    Some Cons:
    Takes a little getting used to, having something in both hands instead of both hands on the rifle. Rifle ended up on my shoulder most of the time. Would recommend "sewing a button" on your coat to hold the mono-pod when you need both hands, but also need to keep moving.
  4. wildfowler

    wildfowler Silver $$ Contributor

    Nov 14, 2014
    That one is like clamping your rifle onto a solid bench.

    It’s a little big and bulky in my opinion for hiking around with.

    It’s very nice, precision smooth operating.
  5. SGK

    SGK Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 14, 2018
    Here's what I mean by quad shooting sticks. They are absolutely awesome. They don't seem to have caught on in the US yet but are used a good deal in Europe. They weight next to nothing and can be deployed in an instant. Very stable shooting rest (standing or seated). No freakin' way I'd want to lug a RRS-style tripod around the field.

    You can easily make your own.

    Either that or shoot straight off your backpack prone. All depends on what sort of terrain etc.

    The other support I have used a lot is very much like the Primos tripod. That's more annoying to deploy quickly and less stable. However the swivel head is advantageous.
  6. 370bc

    370bc Silver $$ Contributor

    Jul 1, 2007
    This is the hunting video by greg @ Primal Rights that got my gears-a-turning. I don't intend to call or walk with my rifle locked in the tripod. I plan on just sniping. You can go attached and mobile if the situation demands it tho.
  7. Olspark

    Olspark Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 28, 2016
    66FE83AC-7F33-4A51-B15A-703FABFBCB26.jpeg If I am doing the spot and stalk kind of hunt, I generally have a tripod with me for my spotting scope. I just attach this to the top using the 1/4 x20 screw and am very steady for a long or close shot. The rifle isn’t locked in but I find two points of support better for me and it will balance the gun so you don’t have to hang onto it while waiting for the perfect shot. It folds flat, lightweight and with the right tripod you could shoot from prone, sitting, kneeling or standing.
  8. Mr. Ten-X

    Mr. Ten-X

    Jan 17, 2012
    Though I can actually shoot kinda OK from any position using a sling...I "never" go afield without crossed sticks of some kind. Though not optimal when shooting from the standing position, they work as good as anyone could ever want from sitting or kneeling. The past 20 years I find myself using the old Stoney Point cross sticks because of weight and how quickly they can be employed when folded up. Only you can determine if they will suffice for your intended use.
  9. fantastic


    Mar 12, 2019
    I use the Cabela's shooting sticks, they are a little heavier duty, and adjust from 29" to standing.
    I never know if I am going to be sitting on the ground, in a stool because of sage, or have to stand due to the brush.

    I like the thicker tougher ones, incase i am out walking and get a coyote that I now have to drag back. I use the stickes to hold the coyotes off of me so i don't get blood all over me before getting back into the truck.
  10. 338 dude

    338 dude Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 29, 2018
    I agree
  11. Jacks Grampa

    Jacks Grampa

    Jan 15, 2019
    Thanks group. I settled on the trigger stick tri-pod. Haven't only tried it a couple times but I think it will do what I need.

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