Shooting Eye Blinders

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    Jun 6, 2014
    Our Scope mounted eye blinders are a convenient snap-on unit for your scopes, designed to make aiming and focus easier.

    Sleek and minimal, the eyeBlinder fits right in your bag, and goes anywhere your scope goes.


    • Blocks the view of non-scoped eye, making focus through the scope easier and more comfortable.
    • Experience far less eye fatigue by keeping both eyes open, with no distractions.
    • Designed for left and right hand rifles, and doesn’t interfere with bolt-actions!
    • Helps with cross-dominant eyes.
    • Durable and flexible PLA plastic snaps around the eyepiece of most standard scope sizes (40mm-46mm).
    • Need a custom size? Contact us and we’ll customize one for you!
    $4.95 each plus $.50 shipping!


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