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  1. Shawnba67

    Shawnba67 Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 22, 2016
    This thread was inspired by the craziest thread just down the page.
    My grandfather only told a few stories about his service during the korean war. One that has never failed to bring me a smile
    It was the day they were being live fire trained on the sub machine gun(i believe the carbine but not 100%) since his last name started with B he was first up in his unit. He was given final instruction and told to start a little low as the gun would climb during firing. A target on a wooden stake was indicated and he was given the signal to fire. He shouldered the weapon and promptly shot the post in two.(Unintentionaly). He was severely scolded as the next hundred or so guys had to shoot at the empty space that used to contain a target!
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  2. RDavies

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    Jun 29, 2006
    It would probably be when I bought my first ever real gun (as opposed to my air rifles and 22s. When I was 14 or so, my best friend had a 357 lever action and his father a 357 pistol, so in my mind I had to move up my air rifles and 22s to a real big gun like a 357.. I saved my money from picking potatoes and onions and convinced his friend or cousin or whatever who would have been 16 or 18, old enough to be allowed to buy a gun to come into town with us and buy a gun for me, I saw a big looking rifle with 375 Magnum written on the tag and thought, 357, 375, gotta be the same so even though it looked different to my friend rifle I spent my savings with just enough for a box of ammo.

    I didn't realise my mistake until we were in the car and I opened the box of ammo to see 5 or 10x 375 Magnum cases instead of the 50 or 100x 357 rounds.
    I was pretty small and light for my age, so it was a bit of s struggle to hold the 375 Magnum up to fire it, but when I did, I certainly realised the difference between a 357 S&W Magnum and a 375 H&H Magnum.
    Once I fired a few rounds into a tree stump I was pretty quick to trade it in on a 220 swift
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  3. jonbearman

    jonbearman I live in new york state,how unfortunate ! Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 3, 2010
    I was at a range and a guy I worked with showed up who was mr know it all on all subjects. He bought a late model ruger 45 auto and I watched him set up a half sheet of plywood to staple his targets up at about 15 yds. So I kept shooting my .22 ruger auto. After a while he had gone through about a half a box and I noticed he never touched the target once. I walked over and realized he had jacked the sights almost off. He finally asked what he was doing wrong. I was reluctant but asked him for his tools to center the sights. He relented and gave me 4 rounds to try it. I shot all 4 rounds into the center of the target and handed his gun back. He said "what do you think was wrong with my new gun" I said nothing just operator error which infuriated him. He says why wont anyone help me, I said because you know the answers before the question is asked. I told him finally that he had such a horrible flinch that he needed to train himself not to be afraid of a pistol. Naturally he bought a 45acp as his first gun and I told him to get a .22 rimfire and practice with it till he can get his wits about him. I never saw him there again.
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  4. Eddie Harren

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    Jan 22, 2006

    He must have been one of those "country hicks" you spoke about in another thread. No self respecting "city-slicker" would ever do that.
  5. T-shooter


    Mar 30, 2017
    I shot at a target 100 yards away. Looking through the scope and I had missed about 5 inches. Hmmm? I'm better than that, well I think I am. Got ready to fire another round and noticed my first shot was now actually only 2" out??? Must be old age! Then as I was ready to fire I saw the 1st hole drift across the paper and then disappear. It probably was a big black fly on the white poster board.
  6. Turbulent Turtle

    Turbulent Turtle F-TR competitor

    Oct 5, 2011
    Along a similar vein, I was at a local public range maybe 20 years ago shooting a 41Magnum revolver. At the bench next to mine, a man was struggling with a Freedom Arms revolver in .454 Casull. He could not hit the target for some reason. He was looking at me shooting my scoped 41Mag revolver at the 50 yard target and finally he came over and asked me if I wanted to try his .454 Casull to see why it would not hit his target.

    I'll tell you right up front, I'm a recoil wimp. I do not enjoy recoil in any form and the pain that it produces. My 41Magnum is a Ruger Redhawk with a 7 1/2 inch barrel and the biggest, softest, most padded grips I could find. Add the scope and it's not punishing on recoil.

    I had never shot the .454 Casull, but I knew its reputation. I'm one who believes that errors are best done by others and I learn from them. But that day, I treated this more like a challenge. Stupid 40-something id.

    So, I said sure, I'll try it. He gave me the portable piece of artillery and 5 cigar-size rounds for it. The cylinder only held 5 rounds and I know why. I sat back down at the bench and loaded the 5 cigars into the cylinder, Time to shoot.

    I aimed the revolver at my target, pulled the hammer back and the pressed the trigger. Ka-bloom, noise, recoil, pain, etc. The bullet hit the target in the black. I went through the same exercise again, and once again, noise, recoil, pain, etc. And the bullet was on target again, not far from the first round.

    By this time, the owner of the Casull was glued to his spotting scope looking at the ragged bullet holes appearing on my target and he's getting excited. I finish off the 5 rounds, casually turn to him and say something like: "Nothing wrong with this gun, must be you." He appeared nonplussed as he took his revolver back and I packed up my junk and left the bench for my SUV.

    He did not want him to see me grimacing in pain. I drove home and to soak my hand and wrist in ice-cold water for a few hours.

    I knew there was a reason I hated recoil, and still do.
  7. T-shooter


    Mar 30, 2017
    I remember a story from my father (1931-2008) He lived in the hills of southern Ohio and had grown up with guns. He got an early .41 Magnum revolver. Probably held it like he thought it was a .38 Special. The 1st shot it recoiled and split his forehead. He said he never fired it again and traded it off.
  8. mongo chicago

    mongo chicago

    Mar 1, 2016
    Was out goose hunting with a group of friends. It was raining a bit so I sat in the blind with my barrel down, resting on my soft case. One of my friends saw that and copied me. A flock came in and as I was shooting, a dark object crossed my line of sight. I saw the friend just standing there. I told him to shoot and he yelled "I don't know where my gun is". What happened was, he took the safety off before mounting the shotgun. When he picked the gun up, the front bead got caught on the wire for the blind and he ended up pulling the trigger. The recoil made the shotgun fly out of his hands and across my line of sight. It ended up in the mud a few feet to my right.
    Another friend, visiting from Alabama, caught some pellets in his leg from pellets that ricochet off the metal wire from of blind. The second scary thing was his statement of, "that's ok, it's not the first time I was shot like that!!!!"
  9. snert

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Do you two argue at the thanksgiving table too? :rolleyes:
  10. savagedasher

    savagedasher Gold $$ Contributor

    Jul 25, 2012
    My Grandson and his dad were hunting he was 8 years old . Some hogs were coming toward them through the scrub oaks . They were hunting a fire brake 10' wide . They were squealing snapping their teeth growling . It was near dark you can't 15' back in the oaks . His dad told him to get ready . They were going to be 20 yard or less . Just as try got to the fire lane they winded then with a growl the went crash away . Billy looked for Cory he was 50 yard down the lane with his knife in his and his gun was still leaning against the tree . They were 300 lb or better. Larry
  11. IdahoSharpshooter

    IdahoSharpshooter Gold $$ Contributor

    Dec 7, 2007
    Thinking about it, I have to say a big bore shoot down in Texas several years ago.
    Neal Shirley used to build a 550 Magnum, using the 460 Wby cylindrical case. After building several, he got a company to make him head stamped brass. The initial order was a major "oopsie", and he received a couple thousand of the brass based on the Gibbs case instead. He was sharing the story, and I asked him to send me a few for my collection. He sent me a couple hundred cases. I opted to build a rifle, since I had this brass using the 550 Gibbs marked casings. I brought the rifle to a shoot, and this younger gentleman was bragging about his fancy 458 Lott. Real hammer according to him. I take my 550 out of the hard case, and ask him for a loaded Lott round. He does, I hold my 550 up by the muzzle, and drop the loaded Lott round down the barrel. It does not even rattle going down.
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  12. Shaggy357


    Dec 21, 2015
    Hunter sight in day at our gun club @ 1988-1990.

    Older gentleman was shooting by himself at a far bench. We could tell he was getting frustrated so a couple of us went down to help. When we asked if he needed help, he started to explain. Gun shot approximately 1" groups at 100 yards last year. When he shot on that day at 100, he didn't hit the paper. He moved to the 25 yard targets and had holes all over the target board. We asked if he had dropped the rifle. No, did not drop it. We asked if he check the scope mount, rings, and screws. No, he had not done that. We got a screw driver set and started to check the screws. I noticed the gun was a 30-06.....uh...wait, you are shooting 25-06 ammo in a 30-06. Yeah, said the guy. I was at the store to get ammo and I asked the kid to give me ammo with less recoil. This 25-06 ammo is less recoil, but not's your sign.

    We had folks coming in off and on that morning. Most drove family cars, trucks, 4x4s, etc. When a really nice, expensive looking, clean, detailed car came in, it really drew attention. Then a neat dressed gentleman gets out, opens the trunk, and pulls out a leather gun case and matching leather ammo carrier. Hmmmmm...we were all watching this guy.....He opens up the case and pulled out a brand spanking new rifle that kinda matched the car. Not the typical hunting rifle that we had been seeing, but something special. One of the guys strolled down and checked. New Weatherby with Zeiss scope. Said it was really sweet. The guy put on the safety glasses, muffs, and proceeded to shoot. Two shots touching at 100. Third shot an inch out. Fourth shot another inch out. Bill strolled back and talked to the guy. He was pointing at the gun as the guy was putting it away. The guy got in the car and left. Bill came walking back with one of those stupid grins. We asked what was up. Oh, the guy said he was getting recoil shy so he was going to head on home. We asked what the pointing and conversation was about. Oh, the guy just bought the gun today, mounted the scope, and came to shoot it. He was missing about half of the screws in the scope rings, but that is ok, he is going to put them in when he gets home.

    One more memorable one came in just before we were done for the day. Guy walked up with a box that looked like long stem roses. He asked is any of us knew anything about guns. Three of us there running a sight in day at a rifle range. Yeah, we know a little about guns. Well, he started, I shot this last year, took it apart to clean it, and could not get it back together. Maybe you could help. He opened the box and showed us a Model 94 Winchester in pieces. About 30 minutes of puzzle piecing and confirming of the missing parts and we gave it back. Maybe next year.

    One of my favorites was with my brother in law. He fancied himself as a good shot and was knowledgeable about guns. When he said his father gave him a .308 for deer hunting I was all ears. He didn't have any live ammo, but he did have about 70 empties and wanted to know if I could load them for him. Of course. We did a little research, picked out a good starting load that had been referenced in a couple of articles, and loaded up 70 rounds. About a week later he said he went out and shot the gun and it put them all in the black. Great....then I found out it was a 10" bullseye.....I headed up to his house the next weekend and we went to the range. His gun was a nice older Remington with a 4x scope. He shot about 5 shots at the target. I looked, but could not see the hits. The guy next to us at the range had a spotting scope and he said it was about a 3" group, but they were all around the bullseye. My brother in law asked me to try. I shot, and the guy next to us said hey, not bad, we will see if any good on the next shot. I shot again and he said likely fluke. On the third shot, he looked at my brother in law and said, Sonny, it's not the gun.
  13. Intheshop

    Intheshop Silver $$ Contributor

    Nov 8, 2016
    Dad doing a visual,clearing his bought new in '42 model 62 Winchester.

    Very safely racking the slide pointed at the ground at the end of shooting some.Sure enough,one rd is hung up and he's doing the right thing here....

    So he drops the hammer on a round in a gravel driveway,all good except.....BIL's fancy brand new $$$ Porcshe gets sprayed with gravel all over the hood with a discharge.

    I wiped the gravel off and held the ole man at bay,threatened him for a cpl years with blackmail.We'd both look at the car,then each other and start bustin out laughin for years after.
  14. alintx


    Dec 2, 2013
    Try to get speedy to repost his bolt story. I think he will win all the marbles!

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