Selling: FN SPR A1 in .308

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    Dec 13, 2017
    IMG_0099[1416].jpg IMG_0098[1417].jpg IMG_0100[1415].jpg IMG_0102[1414].jpg I'm selling a FN SPR A1 in .308 Win. It has the McMillan stock, Badger Ordnace 20 MOA rail, a KMW adjustable cheek rest installed, and an Anschutz rail for a bipod. The barrel is 24", 1-12 twist. This rifle has a drop bottom metal magazine to allow for maximum length on cartridges. The rifle has been used for F/TR and has about 600 rounds through the barrel. The trigger has been adjusted to about 2.5 lbs.

    It's a very accurate rifle. I'm just moving on to a Palma rifle. $1550 + shipping in original box to your FFL.
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