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    Mar 31, 2011
    I'm not really sure if the Rimfire shooters are checking the classified sections here, since this is a predominantly Centerfire page. I have been selling these rim thickness gauge that I make and a customer yesterday told me he rarely checks the classifieds here, and just happened across my gauges.

    7075 Aluminum, Black hardcoat anodized, Simple to use. I am now able to supply this Gauge in .22 LR/.17 HM2, or .22 WMR/.17 HMR. I will soon be able to do .17 WSM. Email me for details Pbike257@Gmail.com

    So, I was talking with a good friend of mine today that understands machining and the process of bringing good parts out of production. I explained to him that in order to make these rimfire gauges, I have 5 different set up steps in the mill, and of coarse one in the saw, also that I use the best aluminum available (7075), and that I use the best anodizing available ( Hardcoat Type 3). All these things ad up to make a very costly gauge. But, you in turn get the Best gauge money can buy. It's been my experience that most of the shoppers here do very little reading and mostly just scan ads for a price... they then make a decision (based on pictures and price) as to whether something is a "good deal" or not and go from there. If they had read the description, they would know that they are buying the best rimfire gauge available with a lifetime warranty and full support. But, without reading the above they wouldn't consider my item to be a good deal when they see the price tag of one hundred twenty five dollars plus shipping.

    Youtube video below...

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