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    Jan 22, 2013
    I want to thank everyone that came to this months match, hope you had fun because I know I enjoyed watching everyone shoot and hitting all the small steel plates scattered out across my range. Another match is done and in the history books with 28 entries this month. Nearly made history with Tim Humphrey only missing the one inch target in the regular target racks. Got to move him into the Pro class with his new Vudoo so he won't come back and beat up on the rest of us next month. Good shooting.

    Lots of others shot very well, everyone is getting really tough on these target racks. We had a few new competitors that tried it and did very well, they will be contenders this year for sure. Another very impressive young shooter was Megan Stull, she shot her 10/22 and finished well up in the pack. She also hit two of the shots on the gong at 195 yards where you had to rest your rifle over a rope slung between poles on my shooting shack. Another young shooter, Benny Shuck got 3 hits on the gong off the rope which tied his Dad. Bob Merillat showed us all how to do it by hitting all five shots at the 195 yard gong off that rope. No easy task, if you think it's easy then you haven't tried it.

    Randy Wise and Chris Kirkpatrick did very well with their Exemplar pistols against the rifle guys and Chris even hit 4 out of 5 off the rope. I managed 3 with my revolver but not one shot was anywhere near where I wanted it when it went off so I'll just say mine was pure luck. I shot my Freedom Arms revolver after just putting it back together and was getting settings as I went and missed a lot of easy targets up close but came back strong on the back half cleaning a few racks but by then I was down so many it wasn't very impressive and made it hard to even post my score but I had fun and will be back with it again. It's a shooter but way harder to shoot than the Exemplar pistol in the longrange matches.

    OK, Randy Wise and Cuda Gatten each won a $25.00 drawing and I'll have the money here when I see you. I still have Kennys winnings here when I see you unless I get hungry. There will not be a July match, I have a big Country Music event that is right beside my property and I don't want to take a chance with anything going wrong so we'll be having the next one the second weekend of August.

    Tim Humphrey was the match winner this month and will get a free entry next match. Might limit him to Remington Thunderbolts bulk next month. Ties were decided by reverse count including the bonus shots off the rope.

    89 Tim Humphrey Vudoo NF Wolf MT (MATCH WINNER)
    86 Mike Moore(3) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
    85 Bill Nesbitt Anschutz MPR SWFA Wolf MT
    85 Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar Vortex Federal
    84 Mike Moore(1) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
    83 Carl Duvall(1) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
    82 Bob Merillat Anschutz 64 March SK
    82 Cuda Gatten CZ 452 SWFA SK
    82 Chris Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar SWFA Wolf MT
    81 Carl Duvall(2) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
    80 Tim Shuck Savage MK II SWFA CCI STD
    79 Mike Moore(2) Savage Bushnell Wolf MT
    77 Benny Shuck Savage MK II SWFA CCI STD
    76 Jeff Stull Anschutz Super Match Vortex CMP bulk
    76 Megan Stull 10/22 SWFA CMP bulk
    75 Robert Brown BSA BSA Federal
    74 Bub Ellwood Remington 40-X Lucid Wolf MT
    74 Glenn Schnegg Winchester 52 NF Wolf MT
    72 Randy Wise 10/22 SWFA ??????
    73 Richard Harris H&R 12 SWFA Tac-22
    70 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA CCI STD
    69 Jerry Shaw CZ 455 Varmint SWFA 20X SK STD
    69 Bob Ellwood Remington 40-X Lucid Wolf MT
    68 Rube Perkins Kidd 10/22 NF Wolf MT
    67 Matt Shatto CZ 455 SWFA SK
    65 Butch McCort Remington 40-X SWFA CCI STD
    62 Dennis Kirkpatrick Freedom Arms Revolver SWFA Wolf MT
    58 Bill Harris Savage SWFA CCI STD



    Couple of pictures shooting off the rope. Chris with the Exemplar with 4 hits and Megan with here 10/22 with 2 hits. It's easier to offhand the shot than deal with the rope supporting the gun. I have a short section of a cut off oxygen bottle at 195 yards they shot at, rings like crazy with a hit. Only stipulation is they have to keep their non-trigger hand behind the trigger guard. Should have seen the smiles when someone would shoot and hear the ring knowing they did it right or got lucky.

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    Mar 27, 2017
    Looks like a lot of fun,and quite a challenge. Some great shooting being done .Thanks for the range report.

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