Reduced 20 Practical Loads

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  1. Justin B

    Justin B Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 25, 2017
    Has anyone ever played with reduced 20 Practical or Tac loads just for fun?? I'm curious to see how much powder a guy can take away to get the 32 grain pills in the 3700 like the vartag right now im at 25.5 & running 4100 I have a 1-10 twist so I should be able to stabilize them at a lower speed.
  2. Bill K

    Bill K Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 16, 2011
    Offhand I can not tell you the amount, but google around or wait until someone comes on with figures and better information.
    But you want to be very cautious in how much of some powders you reduce in a case for lower fps, etc. as you can actually cause a condition whereby your actually can blow a weapon up and cause harm to it and yourself. I believe H4895 is one powder recommended for lighter loads and they have put out information on the ratio too use. Again do some googling and proceed with great care.
  3. daleboy

    daleboy Gold $$ Contributor

    Mar 27, 2017
    I have used H4895 with good results in the 20 Tac . I used the 60% system starting right at 60% and increased in 1 grain increments . Found a good spot after a couple of grains,tuned from there with seating depth . Worked out fine at 100 yards.

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