SELLING New Mcmillian Adj Kestros with rail

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    Mar 4, 2019
    98BD7733-DF9F-400D-B368-54C7886829FD.jpeg DCD06340-CB72-4A15-A4A7-E4B5E67F1F70.jpeg E3C1F739-9772-4247-BDFE-B92ACBEF5D22.jpeg 71233E6A-AF3E-4398-9590-2CE44718F070.jpeg Inlet for Panda s/a with lug
    Machined in pillars
    Light weight 3-way adj B/P w/ 1/2” dec pad
    Clamp bar adj c/p w/round knob
    Molded in marble 60% burgundy 20% light gray 20% black
    NIB never used was on order for 7 months just received this week, project when another way
    1175.00 plus shipping
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