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    Jun 6, 2014
    Barrel Blizzard, the next level of barrel cooling, is now in production and shipping!

    Have you been stuck at the range waiting for your barrel to cool, wanted to cold bore map your hunting rifle without having to wait a bunch of time, or simply get load development done quicker at the range? Did you want to keep shooting, but were afraid of getting the rifle too hot and ruining your barrel's accuracy? Look no further!

    Barrel Blizzard is a scope mounted product that fits most standard rifle scopes. It strategically directs large volumes of ambient air onto the barrel, allowing for maximum cooling of the barrel. No need for CO2 or H20 to cool your rifle, which may harm the inside of your barrel. And no need to carry ice or wet towels to cool your barrel either.

    We were able to take a barrel with an outside barrel temperature of 140 degrees down to below 90 degrees in just over 10 minutes, versus ambient cooling which took over 40 minutes!

    With BarrelCool and Barrel Blizzard combined, we were able to cool a barrel down in less than 8 minutes!

    With rifles, barrels, and chamber jobs costing in the hundreds of dollars, you can maximize your barrel's accuracy and longevity by reducing the very thing that degrades barrels...heat.

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