New 280 Ackley Christensen Ridgeline load data

Discussion in 'Big Stuff--7mm, 30 Cal, .338+' started by jnm300ultra, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. jnm300ultra

    jnm300ultra Silver $$ Contributor

    Apr 12, 2014
    Hi all, looking for some load data for the 280 Ackley. I have 100 pieces of Nosler brass and 50 Nosler 150 grain Etips. Also maybe some info for the Barnes 145 grain LRX, and the Berger 168 grain hybrid. I live in California and it’s the only reason I’m trying the lead free bullets. The Berger is what I want to see what you he rifle is capable of. Any info on the seating depth would help. I heard about the seating depth for lead free ammo is always a long jump. I tried some ETIPS in 6.5 120 grain in the my Nosler 6.5-284 they sucked 1 1/2 -2” groups at 100.

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