Leupold vx3i 6.5x20x50 long range varmint hunter reticle.

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  1. Bojo


    Jun 28, 2017
    As the title states I have one of these just sitting in my safe on a 223 ar I set up for chucks and coyote. Has the Varmint Hunters Reticle .This has not been past my range at my house in 2 years.
    Has anyone here used one of these out to 1000 ? I started shooting at Ridgway this past year and am setting up a second rifle for my daughter. My budget dictates spending wisely. We shoot 850 to 1000 at steel silhouette. Her rifle is a savage br that I'm planning on putting on a 6xc barrel for her.
    Any input both good and bad will be appreciated. I'm saving up some side money for a couple Nightforce BR scopes, but need buy things in steps.
  2. pacificman


    Feb 14, 2013
    I own two of those scopes one with the varmint reticle and one without. I have used them on prairie rats for a lot of years now
    If conditions were just right with the sun at your back ...you could shoot out to 1000 yards but seems the mirage gets to be quite
    heavy in these scopes...don't know if it's the scope or the conditions. I will say that the scopes are perfect to about 700 yards. for
    rat shooting...I always seem to need more magnification for distance past about 700 yards. This is just my experience with these scopes.
    I do have a couple of Sightron scopes with more power and have been shooting out to 1000 yards with better results as both of my
    Sightron scopes have more power and seems less mirage if that makes any sense.:rolleyes: You also need to remember that a prairie rat
    is a very small target at extreme distance so you may do just fine on steel silhouette. Let us know how she does. :)

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