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  1. jim_k


    Aug 26, 2013
    I just got a KRG Bravo chassis for my old Rem 700. The stock was 55 yrs. old, and although it was fully bedded with pillars, I wanted to see how the Bravo would do. The rifle I'm testing in the KRG Bravo is not trued, but is an original 5-digit 700, and years of wear show good lug contact. The barrel is a 26" chrome moly Federal #3 contour, 0.700" at the muzzle, which I cold-blued 43 yrs. ago, and it is ugly as sin. The bore has been diamond-lapped, and it has shot a 0.37" 5-shot group, although it is usually not my most accurate rifle for shooting groups. I shot 25 shots today, with loads developed for other rifles. POI was slightly lower than with the wood stock, which had a saddle under the first couple of inches of the barrel, and which is now floating in the Bravo chassis. Horizontal is absolutely unchanged. I fired a 3-shot test, which all hit the 3/4" aiming dot with hunting ammo, then another 5-shot group, followed by the first 5 shots of 168 SMK's. The group was under 1/2". Then I fired another 8 shots with other ammo, followed by 5 more of the 168 SMK load. No time was allowed for barrel cooling. The 10-shot group with the 168 SMK's was 0.86" (vertical 0.5"). After firing, all action and chassis screws were still tight. I'm excited about the Bravo, and look forward to further load evaluation, but I think today's shooting speaks for itself.
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    Nov 23, 2015
    That chassis/stock is one of the best values on the market. I'm happy that you had great results, but not necessarily surprised.
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